Digitalisation – facilitation or torment

Without a doubt, the view of tons of the white form of wood (a white sheet of paper) is perfectly familiar to us (greetings to generation Z). Whether it was a visit at the corporate stock room, a meeting with our accountant/lawyer, or just our collection of titles released by Stephen King – we had a contact with it. And no matter what our position on global warming is, the truth is that trees are used to produce paper. This fact is the most common argument used in negative campaigning run against printed materials, but is it the only one? Let’s look at their direct competitor, i.e. a digital file, and try to answer the question posed in the title.
There is no single and clear definition of digitalisation. Some explain it as an analogue-to-digital signal conversion, others as transformation of physical content into a virtual one. Nevertheless, the effect of the entire process stays the same – a digital file is created. In brief, this is what digitalisation itself consists in – converting physical materials into their virtual digital counterparts. Some have proclaimed it the next era of human development, others – just another data storage method, but, unquestionably, it had and still has a significant impact on our daily life, not only in its professional area.
Going further – changes, although not always, are welcome. And this was a similar case. Replacing paper documents with their digital cousins grew on the users quickly. It entailed, however, additional challenges, or rather facilitations. While management of physical files requires/requires a rich collection of bookshelves and even a richer set of folders, and sending them – a local post office, the emergence of digitalisation resulted in focusing on a single notion – file management system. In short words, this is the method we employ to use, service, order, send and receive files. You can also encounter it in ICP. Furthermore, in the recently implemented new, refreshed and enriched version, all the above activities have become much simpler. Attaching a file to a comment? Piece of cake! Managing files related to a given project? Easy-peasy! Everything is in order, labelled and ready for use. Therefore, if you have not tried it yet, it is high time to change it!



Summarising, what is the answer to the question posed in the title? If we approach the subject of digitalisation right and we equip ourselves with proper tools while using it, reduction of global deforestation will no longer be the only positive side of it. When we add much quicker operation, comfort as well as data archiving possibilities, we receive a simply better product. Although nothing can replace the smell of paper, in this case the sentiments should be put aside.

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