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Anyone who has ever had to manage several projects at the same time knows how time-consuming, complicated and multifaceted such a process is. Of course, it is possible to use a regular calendar to that end, but why take up additional work when there are tools that can make the life of a Project Manager much easier? One of such tools worth looking at is a solution based on cloud computing. Although the cloud is old news of course, that model has gained momentum only recently, changing various business areas, including project management. What stands behind that word, very popular lately indeed, and how does it translate into the quality of work of a PM?

There are no doubts that time is key in coordinating project activities. Let us imagine a situation where an unexpected problem crops up (which happens during project implementation frequently) and, unfortunately, we left our corporate laptop at the office that day and we have no access to our calendar or management software. The biggest advantage of cloud-based tools, such as IC Project, is that they do not depend on the hard drives of computers or dedicated servers. As a result, we have access to our data and are able to coordinate team work around the clock from any place in the world. All we need is a device with Internet access. Convenient, is it not?


However, flexibility resulting from mobile access is not all. Another functionality connected with the cloud model is ease of communication. Our tool allows for real-time discussions, and sharing files with other project team members has never been easier (it will be appreciated by those who know the problem of different versions of documents, especially schedules). For instance, IC Project allows each conversation or decision made to be recorded in the system. Can you imagine a more valuable material when we want to analyse the entire process of project implementation?

A topic deserving a separate discussion threat is the issue of notifications. Online access through the cloud allows to synchronise the in-built calendar with other popular calendars, e.g. Google or iCal. Result? You will never miss any deadlines or meeting date anymore because the system will notify you of them in due advance. What does it look like in IC Project? Apart from notifications sent by default, we can also define our own reminders. Additionally, a message will appear in our e-mail when another user updates our task.

We simply have to agree that the cloud-based revolution has changed the quality of project management forever. If the presented functionalities are complemented with the possibility of instant readiness for use without installation on the hard drive, ease of use, security of stored data as well as speed and reliability, it has to be acknowledged that it becomes difficult to imagine a work day without cloud-based solutions.

Who could say now that having your head in the clouds is bad?

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