The essence of CRM in building customer relationships

A proven internet CRM system, even for a small or medium-size enterprise, means real benefits – from the quality of sales department operation to fully effective use of the developed database.

It is – literally – worth its weight in gold, even if it is rather Polish zloty in Poland. CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is becoming more and more important for optimum business operation of entities based on direct client contact. Growing competition in combination with decreasing customer loyalty make it impossible to treat full control over a comprehensive database as a technological caprice and not as a standard – regardless of the company’s size. A good CRM system is a specification allowing for effective management of sales and the contractor base as well as specific task delegation, marketing and support activity.

The specification of companies and customers – former, present, active and without contact for a longer period of time – is often treated as a secondary need. The current business makes companies neglect the matter of use of their database, for instance in order to analyse relationships with particular service recipients or to verify the method by which all the generated contacts can be optimally used in marketing operations. In this aspect, CRM bases always mean precision and simplicity of data application for specific tasks – for example: customer sectoring and their breakdown into potential opportunities of business development.

Attention should be also paid to the matter of real profits which – through CRM implementation – are earned by the enterprise. Their precise determination is limited, e.g. due to lack of specific comparative historical data, overlapping of factors that vary and are difficult to measure. However, it is not possible to question the promotional benefit of CRM: from the increase of action consistency, through closer cooperation with key customers, to the possibility of sales increase.

CRM application in contacts with customers

The possibilities of corporate systems are regularly developed and provide a forever growing range of application options. However, what does not change is that they offer key solutions for building relationships with contractors and ensuring their prompt and precise support.

CRM, in the scope of project management, covers all the budgeting stages – from its creation, through analysis, to approval and role distribution in line with classification. The systems cover also sales management: from creation and performance of orders to generation of sales lists and reports. CRM translates also into a clear division and management of particular tasks, along with generation of sales or effectiveness reports – both in relation to projects and employees.

In the operational scope, CRM ensures automatization of all business activities. It is a specific combination of sales, marketing and potential support service. From the analytical point of view, the CRM system allows for precise analysis of customer behaviour – collected data comprise sufficient base for generation of reports and future forecasts. The third CRM foundation, i.e. a communication platform, translates directly into simplified exchange of information and, for instance, potential reminders. In this aspect, the systems perfectly match the current business situation and Internet-based communication – the developed contact centre is based on e-mails or Internet messengers; it is also the focus of contact data management.

Therefore, databases based on the Internet and IT systems ensure optimum data archiving, possibility of their exchange, editing and centralisation in an electronic form – which is particularly important to companies which previously relied in their operation exclusively on standard information catalogues. Furthermore, CRM facilitates customer classification according to key criteria, thus reducing the time of service provision. And this is – not only for entities with advanced sales and customer network – a particular value in the days of continuous market competition.

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