Work automation in its prime

Automate your work with IC Project

Tool automation is the basic thing that will make your system perform work for you. We know this in IC Project and have prepared many interesting solutions for this. Get to know the automation tools offered by IC Project that will make your work easier or maybe even reduce it.

Get to know the possibilities of the system of templates

Use a special system of templates to avoid duplicating your work

Automate your work with a dedicated system of templates offered by IC Project. Do you have projects or tasks that are performed repeatedly or have a similar structure? Do not repeat yourself. Save a template, set up its terms and reap benefits.

Use automatic time-to-money conversion

Control the profitability of your projects thanks to extraordinary automation in IC Project

Controlling financial matters is especially important for skilled and effective management of the entire enterprise. Profitability of your projects is a big step towards success. In IC Project, you will find a special tool that will allow you to automatically calculate costs and the profitability of your projects. Just assign an hourly rate to your employee and the system will automatically convert their reported work time into money in your project.

Trust artificial intelligence

Take care of your work, IC Project will remind you about important duties

IC Project features a three-way notification system that will make sure your entire team remembers about their important duties. Each employee will receive notifications of upcoming events or task deadlines on a regular basis. The information will appear in three places – in the employees’ inbox, on their smartphones and in the system.

Learn about the possibilities offered by cyclic tasks

More effective task management with automation functions

Each task in IC Project includes many functions that will bring your task management to a much higher level. Are there any tasks you have to carry out on a regular basis? We have a solution for this. Make such tasks cyclic, set when they are to be repeated and in what form. And you are ready to go

See how to monitor work progress automatically

Progress monitoring and control. The system will do this for you

Controlling the progress of the given project is key for that project to be finished within the set time limit. In IC Project, you can set the function of automatic monitoring for any task group – you set the date and set the progress percentage you wish to have completed by that date. If your team fails to get the set progress on time, you will receive a special message allowing you to react.