IC Project implementation in the company


BiggerB is a social media agency which deals with operating the largest European brands such as FlixBus or Paulaner in the area of social networks. Combining knowledge and over a dozen years of experience, the agency deploys integrated solutions transforming social media into effective business tools. It takes care of each and every contact with the brand, promoting its positive perception in the community and affecting the shopping decisions of customers.

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  • a proper schedule and an effective distribution of duties are crucial for activities regarding social media. So far, the company lacked a tool allowing it to build effective work schedules.
  • marketing and social media entail a multitude of single duties: small tasks or even projects were missed, which had a negative effect on work organisation.
  • task- or project-related communication relied on organisation of meetings and exchange of dozens of e-mails between employees, which decreased their productivity.
  • organisation was definitely missing as far as circulation of files and documents was concerned – there was no common area in the company where every employee could access project-related files or other important documents.

IC Project

At BiggerB, IC Project was deployed with all its functions, namely in the Enterprise option. The deployment process was very smooth as the company decided to take advantage of a dedicated deployment service. As a result all employees learnt how to operate the system very quickly.


  • BiggerB uses a lot of the project management options offered by IC Project – every project is divided into stages and task groups and scheduled in a well-suited manner thanks to the Gantt chart. This is a great tool for marketing activities which allows meeting the original deadlines of projects.
  • the feature of task management supports the activities of the agency – small and single duties are not missed as every employee controls their own productivity in real time using special functions of the software. What is more, a three-way notification system reminds of the deadline of each and every task.
  • a built-in messenger is a great solution for every company – you do not have to use external chats because you have everything in one place, connected to tasks and projects at that. Every employee can talk in private and when they work on tasks and projects, they do not have to exchange e-mails or organise additional meetings. One click is enough to create a task-related conversation: a discussion about important duties is under way in the background as all employees save their precious time.
  • after IC Project was deployed, the agency decided to employ the Wiki module, i.e. a corporate knowledge base. They built a structure of folders and placed proper files and documents in them. Now every employee has access to all attachments in one place and knows which folder to open to find the required document.

"IC Project is an immensely user-friendly and functional management tool. It is perfectly tailored for my marketing agency – it has allowed us to organise project and task management, let us manage the entire team of BiggerB more efficiently and definitely streamlined corporate communication. IC Project has been a great choice."

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