IC Project implementation in the company

Bongo Invest

Bongo Invest is a developer building its clients’ trust on the market since 2013. It operates mainly in the area of the Małopolskie Voivodship, where it is regarded as the leader in the building industry. The developer made a lot of challenging investments, such as estates of residential houses or modern blocks of apartments.

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  • serious problem with effective communication between cooperating departments – use of various forms of communication resulted in missing a lot of valuable information
  • lack of careful planning of the financial aspect of investments, which resulted in sloppy estimations and financial losses for the enterprise
  • lack of financial comparison between investments, which resulted in difficulty finding stages where savings could be sought in future investments
  • lead time extended due to the lack of specific organisation of work

IC Project

We deployed all basic modules available in IC Project in Bongo Invest. Moreover, we launched Gantt charts and a cost module, which offer a great overview for finance and time planning of projects. At the testing stage of our tool, we conducted an hourly preliminary online training. After two weeks we organised an all-day dedicated training for all employees at the client’s site – the entire enterprise was trained quickly and thoroughly, thanks to which the pending projects and investments did not suffer when the organisation of work was being changed.


  • communication between cooperating departments improved considerably, employees can communicate with each other about pending tasks and current duties in IC Project
  • thanks to careful planning of revenues and costs and later analysis of various investment stages for the financial aspect we have managed to raise the profitability of every subsequent investment
  • lead time of investments was reduced thanks to good organisation of work – all information and tasks are in one place, there is no difficulty reaching any piece of information.
  • access to all reports has given us a lot of leeway in terms of communication with investors

“IC Project is a tool that has made working in our enterprise very much easier. I never thought that one programme can help in so many aspects. Comprehensive service and in-depth trainings helped introduce the enterprise to the system. I would definitely recommend IC Project.”

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