IC Project implementation in the company


BrandAssist was created in 2015. It was one of the first companies in Poland to offer outsourcing “Virtual Assistant” services and training for persons who wish to work as Virtual Assistants. The owner of the company is Pola Sobczyk. Other objects of the company’s operation include such services as: film editing, preparation and implementation of marketing and sale strategies, consultations for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the company has been supporting foundations and associations operating in conformity with the company’s mission.

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One of the key issues in remote work is efficient communication and coordination of projects. Before ICP implementation, the company struggled with delays in decision-making, sometimes evolving communication chaos. Too many channels and management software applications caused confusion and stress due to ambiguities in communication not only among team members but also with customers.

The encountered issued resulted finally in inhibition of performance of certain tasks which translated into delayed completion of the entire project.

IC Project

All persons in the company were efficiently trained by the IC Project specialist team. In this case, comprehensive knowledge was a must as the BrandAssist is regularly joined by new Virtual Assistant who need to be taught how to use the software quickly.


Thanks to implementation of ICP, most issues the team members and customers encountered in the company have been resolved. Namely, communication mistakes have been eliminated and the decision-making process has definitely accelerated. Making decisions regarding specific tasks and performing them successfully has become a matter of a single day.

The messenger and comments incorporated in the software help in quick communication. Thanks to e-mail notifications, the customer is immediately informed if any actions are required from him or her. This practice has allowed to eliminate the possible mistakes in cooperation with the customer.

“Having tested several project management software products, ICP seems to be the optimum solution at this stage. Despite several issues at the beginning of use (resolved on an on-going basis by the support), the software works very well. It offers several major facilities, such as hourly project reports and the said messenger system, but a direct activation of the time measurement in the task card is missing. In general, BrandAssist appreciates working with ICP, especially since it can provide its feedback and propose improvements to the software engineering team.”

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