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Great gastro

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Great Gastro is a producer of batters and marinates for meats, fish, vegetables and fruit. This enterprise from Wadowice deals with operating restaurants, pizzerias, pubs and bars. It offers highest quality products enriching dishes with unique flavour.

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  • lack of close control over the working time of employees – the management does not know what tasks specifically a given employee completes and in what time
  • major problem with communication and delegation of tasks between production departments
  • extended lead time as a result of missing deadlines for individual tasks
  • lack of proper control over dealers’ meetings and their field work

IC Project

The full IC Project package was deployed at Great Gastro: task and project management, calendar, full reporting and the like. Redundant modules were specifically excluded so that the programme was even more transparent to all employees. The deployment was instantaneous – after preliminary programme testing, a comprehensive training was held at the client’s site and all employees were trained efficiently and in depth. The production did not stop even for a minute – it was without doubt a seamless transition to a different working model.


  • managing tasks on the Kanban board allowed creating separate production stages that each product goes through – it made control in the production department considerably easier
  • communication between the production department and office workers improved a lot – all information is conveyed through the system
  • thanks to proper system notifications, all task deadlines are closely supervised, which led to a boost in productivity of the entire team
  • the mobile application allows dealers to report their work when they are in the field, which allows tighter control over their duties and results in improved effectiveness of actions

“This is a great tool. I never thought that one programme can facilitate communication and control in my enterprise so much and introduce order in the production department, at that. IC Project was a good choice.”