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Internet Media Polska

Internet Media Polska is a company dealing with comprehensive enterprise service. The company offers services of general marketing, search engine optimisation, development of responsive websites or copywriting, among others. The company is based in Gdańsk.

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  • The company noticed a need for a better organisation of project-related work in the context of cooperation with its contractors. The team managed its projects in Excel and its contractor base in a separate programme – the link between those and information circulation were missing.
  • In marketing, calculating the project costs is essential – the company works for the hourly rate, so it was key to determine the cost of the employee in the context of their work. So far, everything had been calculated manually, which generated a lot of work.
  • The cooperation with the clients was conducted in traditional terms: by phone, e-mails and additional arrangements, which led to considerable information loss. In addition, the decision-making process was prolonged, which affected the entire project.
  • Decidedly, a statistical approach to measure work time was missing – a very familiar effect of that was time lost on numerous additional tasks, which were not included in the price proposed to the client. It was key to start to control and measure that time.

IC Project

The decision-making process in the company was simple – after the presentation, a decision was made very quickly, which also made it easier to implement the product. The company decided to take the training, which allowed training the team of its employees comprehensively. Moreover, the feedback from the employees praised the simplicity and user-friendliness of the tool from the very beginning, so the company did not even need additional advance assistance to transition its processes into the programme.


  • Finally, the project management and the contractor base have been organised efficiently in one programme. Every project is very well connected – the team sees for whom every project is being furthered and it is always possible to see which projects are or were implemented for the given client.
  • There is a project and task history in the company. We have access to all information from the past, which is key when introducing corrections or making various financial calculations.
  • Finally, a solution has been implemented which allows measuring the time our team spends on individual tasks – as a result, the profitability of the project is calculated automatically and we know whether the budget set for the project is enough or not.
  • We have organised the cooperation with the clients by means of the tool. Most clients work with us on shared tasks – they accept and reject propositions and express their opinion on them. We do not communicate by email or phone because everything in this area is already provided in IC Project.

“IC Project is a great tool for every marketing agency. It allows linking the project- and task-related work with contractors in the information sphere, but it also facilitates cooperation with our clients. Additional aspects, such as the financial module and the option of measuring work time, let us calculate the profitability of our projects automatically. The tool works very well and, without doubt, it deserves a recommendation, especially for marketing.”

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