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Lech Poznań

Lech Poznań is a Polish football club playing in Ekstraklasa professional league. It is a 7 times Champion of Poland, 5 times winner of the Polish Cup and 6 times winner of the Polish SuperCup. Currently, it is on the 5th place of the all-time Ekstraklasa raking.

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  • At first, Lech Poznań was looking for software for its product marketing department to streamline work mainly in the project and task context.
  • One of the needs was to control the projects in the Gantt chart. Each project comprised time-adjusted stages, and the key to keep up with the deadlines was a transparent and visual schedule with an appropriate project break-down.
  • The matters important for the marketing department were communication and notifications - until now, the entire communication focused on e-mails and notifications could only be set manually in additional tools that the individual employees had.

IC Project

Lech Poznań decided to start with the trial period which, for the purposes of tool implementation, was extended to enable the team, supported by IC Project implementation specialists, to familiarise themselves with the functioning of the tool. It must be noted that Lech's marketing team is technically savvy, so learning the tool was very simple. The department manager, Wiktor Bednarek, was comprehensibly trained and, subsequently, he presented key knowledge to other team members. The solution has proven effective as Lech Poznań regularly uses IC Project effectively which translates into better work organisation and high level marketing.


  • Thanks to the tool, in the times of COVID and in view of potential switching to remote work mode, we could transfer all project statuses to the web and, additionally, communicate inside the tasks. That flexibility has allowed us to secure accomplishment of our goals, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Lech Poznań has gained a tool that allows to control project and task-based work. Each project has been divided appropriately into stages, categories and tasks. Everybody knows their tasks and the manager can control productivity of the entire team.
  • A great value at work is access to the functional Gantt chart - it enables stage-based planning of the entire project and its time-based adjustments. Additional determination of dependencies or milestones facilitates the project manager's work.
  • Communication at the marketing department has been definitely streamlined - employees use such tools as the messenger, task chats and available task comments. The team feedback shows that notifications also work very well - everybody receives information on new tasks and reminders of approaching deadlines.

"IC Project is a perfect tool Lech Poznań. It features a plethora of useful functions, at the same time being very user-friendly and easy to use. Thanks to it, we can plan our projects, create schedules efficiently and it reminds us about planned deadlines. We really appreciate the dedicated support we received during implementation. It is a great tool for sport clubs - it makes communication, planning and management more efficient."

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