IC Project implementation in the company


Marcopol is a leading European producer of fasteners for many branches of the industry. For 34 years, the company has been delivering highest quality products for the construction, furniture, automotive, electrotechnical and many other industries. Marcopol has 30,000 products in stock and also produces customised solutions based on special orders. According to the Customers, the company has the best service centre on the market.

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  • there are a lot of regularly launched and run development projects improving the service centre in many areas and there has been no operating platform to aggregate the implemented projects so far
  • e-mail communication was not effective for projects and project information was scattered
  • there were no tools allowing verification of projects over time.

IC Project

The priority was to properly train nearly one hundred employees – software users. A dedicated training was held at the client’s site. Thanks to the training and the highly user-friendly nature of the software, the dedicated users were ready to work with IC Project starting from the next day.


  • thanks to task and project management in the system, it is possible to verify all overlapping processes on a regular basis and in one place
  • after the software was deployed, communication in the company improved a lot – the employees communicate with each other via ICP and the notification system reminds of all entrusted tasks and their deadlines
  • the division of projects into stages in the system is reliable, it virtually eliminates the risk of repeating a stage: as a result, everything is carried out in the set periods of time
  • what makes the work of the management more convenient are Gantt charts in which you can see all projects in a time schedule, which virtually eliminates the risk of getting lost in the projects and their deadlines

“We wanted to deliver simple and uncomplicated deployments that are not very time-consuming. As an ‘agile’ organisation, Marcopol has to react quickly to the changing needs of our Customers. This is why the user-friendliness of the software was a key factor for us, which made us implement ICP immediately. It is a system which surely has made our work easier and more organised, which translated into higher effectiveness of the projects run in the company. For us, it means even better service for our Customers.”

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