IC Project implementation in the company

Projekt Technika

Projekt-Technika is a team of experienced constructors, architects, engineers and fitters. The offer includes comprehensive investment support – from preparation of design documentation, through exercise of author and investor’s supervision, to comprehensive performance of construction works. The company has rich experience gained during construction of multiple facilities in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden or Finland.

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  • work was disorganised, dividing the project into parts to be performed by various persons over large time spans was a big issue
  • in case of bigger projects, a lot of information would often be irrecoverably lost
  • all ideas regarding projects were collected at occasional meetings; they were not, however, noted down in a single place and, thus, their execution was difficult
  • there was no clear breakdown of tasks into specific stages which entailed extended lead times for the particular tasks and, in consequence, entire projects

IC Project

Projekt-Technika has had the full system package implemented. All employees completed a station training in IC Project functionalities and operation. Thanks to the dedicated training session, the company’s decision-makers invested in the annual subscription from the get-go.


  • the program streamlines teamwork – projects can be implemented in fragments by several different persons and all information necessary for the given group of employees is ordered in one place,
  • all important information is collected in the system, making everything ordered and traceable
  • the program facilitates communication among employees, without leaving the workstation
  • important project arrangements – concepts, ideas, work progress information – can be added, deleted and modified and all employees are updated on such changes on a current basis
  • great preview for larger projects with easy viewing of the particular tasks, making the team meet the timeframes set for the given project easier

“IC Project is a system we’ve been using for a longer time now. In terms of work organisation, it is of great value for us – we can keep all information in one place. I can assign tasks to employees without any issues and they know what they have to do and in what timeframes.”

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