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Project management connected to your customer base? Perfect. IC Project offers an in-built CRM module that lets you manage information on all customers. Add contact persons, make notes, preview tasks and projects and store all files regarding your contractor. All key information in one place.

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Collect all data on your customers in a single program

The incorporated CRM module is a great value in management of your customer base. Our CRM lets you gather and process all customer data. The convenient navigation desktop provides a transparent preview of current topics in the cooperation with your customers.

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Use the connection between the CRM and projects, calendar and invoicing

A CRM connected to project management, interactive calendar and invoicing module? Fantastic. In IC Project, every project executed for a customer can be also seen in the customer's profile in CRM. This way, you always know what projects and tasks your company executed for the given customer. Furthermore, you can also check what invoices have been issued for the customer and what events or meetings you have had with the customer.

Collect the entire history of cooperation with your customers

Use the advanced note system in CRM

The notes in CRM are one of the basic means to record your entire relation with the customer. In IC Project, you will find an advanced note system combined with project management. In a special view, you can add notes, categorise them and even assign them to specific projects. This way, the entire relation with the customer is presented visually in one place. From the very beginning to the very end.

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Our in-built CRM offers many additional options that will definitely help your company work with customers. All your customers can have an account manager assigned. You can also add files to their accounts to easily find contracts, briefs or other important documents relating to your contractor.

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