Integrate IC Project

Integrate with DropBox
i and upload files to ICP!

Integration with DropBox

Do you know DropBox? We have developed a special integration process that will allow you to upload files to IC Project from the external drive in the DropBox service in a quick and efficient way. No worries - all it takes are two simple steps and the selected files from DropBox land in IC Project.

How to do it?

  • When adding files in IC Project, you have three sources available:
    • local hard drive
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
  • Select Dropbox
  • Log into your DropBox account and select the file.
  • Done! You file will be available in IC Project with a redirection to DropBox.

You can attach the files from DropBox in many parts of our tool. Whenever an attachment can be added, you can also do it using DropBox.

Where can I attach files from DropBox?

  • in any task, in the "Attachments" tab
  • in all your comments
  • in any project, in the "Files" tab
  • in the contractor's files
  • in the in-built messenger