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IC Project is a complete project management system. Virtually everything you need to implement a project successfully is there in one place. Thanks to its functionality, ICP offers many possibilities in business management. You needn’t a few programs, one is enough, and comprehensive and reliable. IC Project is the optimal solution for you and your business.

Project management

The IC Project System was designed to allow efficient project management. It allows you to formulate plans and task groups within products. You can create an unlimited number of projects and easily save templates out of them. During the work, thanks to a clear layout you can assess the progress and the costs of the project sustained so far. As a result, you can quickly react to the detected deviations from the plan.


In IC Project, you can manage your project in a convenient way. With just one click, you can create a task, determine its deadline and assign proper employees to it and they will receive a proper notification. All tasks are visible on Kanban boards, thanks to which the team always sees what is to be done. To-do lists sort tasks into two groups: tasks for the user and tasks assigned by the user to other people.

In addition, tasks with the specified deadline are shown in the calendar, thanks to which you can quickly see what the work schedule looks like.

Work time tracking

If you want to know how much time you need to perform a given task and what deadlines to set in the future, IC Project time tracking will help you. You can easily track the time on a current basis, starting the available time tracker. It is sufficient to select a proper task from the available list. If you need, you can pause the tracker and come back after a break.

It is also possible to add time directly to tasks. After you open a given task in the tab with work time, you can add any number of hours or minutes.

Transparent calendar

The IC Project system has a built-in calendar, which allows to manage time by creating events and meetings. Organising a meeting has never been easier – you just add the people, automatically checking their availability, and select the date and place. You can create a meeting for a person from the outside as well.

The system calendar can connect with popular calendars like Google Calendar or iCal.

Chat and e-mail

IC Project is equipped with a chat allowing holding a discussion in several ways. Thanks to it, you can talk privately and in the context of the selected task and entire project with all people assigned to it. The chat also allows adding files and sending e-mails in the form of notifications to the absent people.

The e-mail module allows uploading an e-mail to the system, creating a note, task or a comment to a task from it, keeping the attachments of the message.


IC Project is a perfect tool for monitoring and control of projects and, in small- and medium-sized enterprises, it is a brilliant tool for controlling the work of the entire organisation. Thanks to proper lists and flexible reporting mechanisms based on project tools, ICP allows control of budget assumptions of the project and of projects at any time of their implementation. It also allows to create exhaustive monthly, quarterly and yearly reports and lists required in the process of annual budget control.

All reports can be configured according to the set criteria and sent via e-mail at specified time intervals.


The wiki module is a place where you can put various generally available information, such as instructions for new employees, terms and conditions, files with forms to be filled in or announcements.

Access to wiki is granted to employees in authorisation settings, so not everyone has to see the information put there. Wiki will be useful in many different ways, depending on the needs of the enterprise.

Leave management

In IC Project, we implemented a module for employee’s leave management. Thanks to it leave applications can easily be filed easily, commented on by a proper manager or confirmed, which will immediately be visible in the calendar.

Absence caused by holiday leave, leave on demand or sick leave also impact time reports.

Contractor base

C Project contains its own contractor base, which allows the user to continuously gather and process information about client relations. You can add contacts, notes, tags etc. to each contractor. This module supports the team in marketing and negotiating activities during the performance of the project or during after-sales service.

A comfortable navigation desktop of the seller along with tools for reporting and communication allow transparent review of topics currently operated by the client. It allows precise addressing of offers and efficient service, which results in reduced costs of sale and service.


Possibility to issue invoices for your clients is another strength of IC Project. All most important aspects of running an enterprise can be found in one place, which allows you to resign from other software and, in turn, save time and money.

Issuing an invoice with ICP is easy, convenient and will take you just a minute.

Service tickets

We know that it is quality that matters. The service ticket module allows you to receive various tickets from your clients, e.g. complaints. Ticket settings feature individual URL access with a form. The client fills it in and sends to you. It is so easy, right?

Form fields can be edited and you can create a task from each received ticket.

For the client to be up to date, they can receive e-mails with information about the progress in ticket processing.

Ability for external users to log in

For optimal streamlining of cooperation between the enterprise and the client, IC Project allows external users to log in. The client will see only the areas to which you grant them access.

Just add a contact person to a contractor and tick the box allowing them to log in the system. If you pin the client to a given project and a task group, they will be able to comment, talk through the chat and follow the progress of work.

Gantt charts

When managing projects, it is pivotal to see the work schedule in a graphic form on a transparent chart. IC Project gives you such a possibility.

You can see a Gantt chart for individual projects: just set a project as an advanced one and the chart will immediately be available for individual task groups.

Configurable dashboard

Each IC Project user has their own dashboard, where they can configure their widgets freely. In addition, to control project activities, each project has its separate dashboard, which gathers information from that project only.

A large number of widgets available to the user allow to conveniently arrange the dashboard so it is useful and transparent.

Stream and notifications

IC Project shows all events and activities in the system in the stream, in a uniform way. Stream with authorisations transparently shows only the information intended directly to the recipient. In addition, the stream can be filtered with projects and recipients.

The stream is directly linked with e-mail notifications, which are sent to e-mails of proper people. The notifications can be fully configured globally and in the context of each project.

Mobile application

Thanks to the mobile application, you have your projects within reach at all times. Constant access to tasks, projects and the calendar is a great advantage when you want to have everything under control. You will learn about changes in the system through notifications.

You can add meetings to the calendar, set deadlines for activities and check the progress of projects. You can also add new Kanban cards, tasks and checklists. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

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