5 best project management software in Polish for 2020

Project management software in Polish is an increasingly desirable tool in Polish enterprises. The most important aspect is to choose the proper software – […]


7 practical tips for a project manager

Completing projects in the limits of the set deadline and budget, contact with partners, supervising tasks at various stages. The project manager faces multiple […]


How to manage tasks in a marketing agency?

There is a reason why working in a marketing agency is associated with multi-tasking. Sale support, running the social media or website engineering – […]


Large projects in an enterprise require precise organisation and a plan. However, it is not enough to distribute basic tasks to employees. There is […]


As new technologies started to develop, the era of easy access to information began. Each day, billions and billions of pieces of information flow […]

More and more enterprises and specialists are shifting to the project-based business model. If you want your team to be effective, you need an […]

Managing projects in organisations consisting of employees coming from different cultures, who speak different languages and follow different values can be a great challenge […]

For some, procrastination is a contemporary disease fought by millions of people worldwide. For others, it is merely a pseudoscientific attempt at explaining laziness […]

Here you can read what you can change in your work mode to deal more effectively with tasks. Now we will focus on everyday […]

When we look at the statistics on project management, it turns out that even 70% of them fail. 17% of IT projects is carried […]

A great deal of books, articles and elaborations have already been written about productivity. Is there anything more to add? Yes, of course! We […]

The concept of work in an organisation where there are no leaders, no scopes of responsibilities and no control seems to be somewhat abstract. […]

Multitasking is an issue which has just as many opponents as proponents. There are opinions that there is no way several tasks can be […]

Even though it’s already mid-January, we still have time to implement the New Year’s resolutions which will have a positive effect on our business. […]

Exceedance of the planned investment costs, or underestimation of investment, is a frequent mistake which entrepreneurs from various industries struggle with. There is no […]

Business training is a topic which has both its supporters and opponents. It might be caused by different quality of trainings available on the […]

“Annual leave” is a word which means a break time from every-day professional obligations for many employees. This means resting, no e-mails and phone […]

Projects are somewhat similar to bored, naughty kids. If we leave them for themselves, something is bound to happen, but will it be something […]

You will agree with me here – when I put forward a thesis, obvious in its simplicity, that specifying the goal and delineating the […]

Are there two identical persons in the world? Who always agree in 100%, have the same talents, the same opinions, identical access to knowledge […]

Challenge in the form of assessment of achieved results is one of the final elements of any undertaking. Or at least it should be […]

By definition, projects are organised actions aiming to achieve a specific goal. Projects are temporary and are created to provide one or more business […]

Trends associated with the flexibility of labour market and alternative forms of employment are becoming more and more visible throughout the world. The importance […]

Managing a project is a process requiring use of tools facilitating work at all stages: for the employees responsible for their parts of the […]

Nobody can deny that time is the most valuable resource we have. Concurrently, the very thought about counting the minutes we devote to performance […]

Running projects is an inherent element of everyday professional duties. Small companies, large corporations, newly founded start-ups, organisations and institutions – they all manage […]

Regardless of how much we would like it to happen, in project management it is rare when everything goes smoothly. The level of difficulty […]

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a slogan that has been used day in, day out in business circles for several years. Not without […]

How can we build an effective team? This question returns like a boomerang to those who are looking for a way to implement their […]

It is the dream of all of us that our company is thriving and all implemented projects end successfully. Unfortunately, even in the best-funded […]

Any time is good to implement positive changes and set new challenges. It has, however, become a tradition that the period around New Year […]

Inbox bursting in seams, meetings – one after another, schedule filled to the brim – that is a frequent everyday scenario for many of […]

The start-up era has begun. They change the world, stimulate imagination, teach to experiment and reach out of the box. When you run a […]

The start-up era has begun. They change the world, stimulate imagination, teach to experiment and reach out of the box. When you run a […]

Some people cannot imagine a day without a precise plan, others prefer to “go for it”, considering planning a waste of time and limitation […]

Anyone who has ever had to manage several projects at the same time knows how time-consuming, complicated and multifaceted such a process is. Of […]

For some, they are a driving force to act. For others, the very thought of them makes their blood run cold. Deadlines, that we […]

The interpretation of a task is different depending on who reads it. Typically, a well-written task is understandable to the person assigned.  Therefore, you […]

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