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Project time tracking and work time reporting in 2022


Project time tracking software is a key tool for work time reporting. The use of project management time tracking software allows project managers to measure time spent on each task and analyze whether the given project is profitable.

Project time tracking and work time reporting

For businesses, work time reporting means recording and analyzing how employees spend time at work to create schedules and management plans to achieve greater productivity and improve customer service levels for clients.

Project time tracking is typically conducted by software in businesses or organizations where employee productivity is critical to success. By understanding how employees are spending their time, project managers can make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and profitability.

What is a project time tracking system?

A project time tracking system is a software application that enables businesses to track employee hours worked. This type of system can be used to monitor employee attendance, labor costs, and project progress. Systems tracking time typically use punch clocks, time cards, or web-based time sheets to record employee hours. Some systems also allow employees to clock in and out via mobile apps with just a few clicks. Many applications for automatic time tracking are available as cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, which can be accessed remotely from any internet-connected device.

What is project time tracking used for?

Project time tracking systems can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations to generate reports that help optimize the workforce and improve productivity. By tracking task time, businesses can identify areas where time is being wasted and make necessary improvements. In addition, tracking time can help businesses allocate resources more effectively and ensure deadlines are met.

Whether it’s attorneys, accountants, consultants, or developers, many businesses rely on working hours to make a profit. That’s why tracking employee time is so important. Time tracking software can help businesses keep track of billable hours automatically, making it easy to invoice clients and get paid for the work that’s been done. In addition, a real-time tracking tool can help businesses improve their internal efficiency by identifying areas where employees are wasting time. As a result, time tracking software can be a valuable tool for any business that relies on attendance management to make a profit.

What is a work time tracker?

A work time tracker is a work time tracking software that enables to track the time employees spend working on various tasks. This information can be used to assess employee productivity, identify inefficiencies, and allocate resources more effectively. Project time tracking software can also be used to invoice clients or customers based on task management. For example, if a web designer spends 10 hours developing a website, they can bill the client for 10 hours of work.

Project time tracking software is a set of tools that help you plan, track, and report work hours spent on multiple projects and tasks. Time tracking reports show you how much time was spent on each task and can help you identify areas where time was wasted. By understanding where time is spent, you can make better decisions about allocating resources and planning future projects. In addition, project resource management software applications include features that allow you to share project plans and resources with team members. This can help improve communication and collaboration among team members.

Why is work time tracking needed?

Tracking work time is essential to maintaining a business’s operating state. Nowadays companies are experimenting with shorter days or more flexible work arrangements. Best time tracking tools help to make sure that workers are meeting their obligations and that the company is running smoothly.

Time tracking software is one of the most important tools that you can use to improve your productivity. It allows you to see how employees are spending time, and what could be improved. Additionally, time tracking software shows patterns in work habits, enabling changes to improve work efficiency.

Work time clocks vs. project time tracking software

When time-work time clocks were first introduced, businesses used the data to ensure that workers were putting in the necessary hours to earn a fair wage. However, as jobs have grown more complicated and time-consuming, businesses needed time information to ensure that staff members are productive and not putting in excessive hours which can be provided only by project time tracking software.

Methods for work time reporting

1. Declaration of work hours

Declarations of time spent or time needed are a popular method of time tracking. Declarations of working hours are usually made at the beginning of a work or task. The solution relies on personal relations and is used for the estimation of time spent on simple tasks.  Because a work time based on the declaration of hours worked is a simple estimation, for multiple projects or working with remote employees, more advanced methods are preferred.

2. Simple employee time tracking tools

Simple time tracking tools such as mobile phones or websites are used to track work hours when employees start or end work on a project. With just a few clicks a total time track of employee hours on each project is calculated allowing an easy way to track hours worked. Similarly, to the work time declaration, the method of work time logs is an estimate based on information provided by workers. Nevertheless, it allows the employee to develop their conscientiousness and is not expensive at that.

3. Timesheets time tracking

A timesheet is an exact report of the time that an employee spends working on a particular project. The method of timesheets is based on time entries provided by workers who log their time as they work.  Timesheet data can be used to generate invoices for clients, providing a detailed record of the work hours that have been completed. Similar to the first two methods, timesheets for work time reporting are not accurate, especially when doing multiple projects, but what works to their advantage is a low price and the fact that a table made available to all employees will result in them controlling each other and reminding them to supplement the necessary data.

Effective timesheets are accurate and up-to-date. Managerial approval and tracking of changes to timesheets improve their effectiveness. Timesheets can be created in a form of tables in Excel or other spreadsheets where each employee can enter how much time they spent on a particular project or task.

4. Software for work time tracking

Simple time tracking software can be used to record when employees start and stop working on tasks, as well as how long they take to complete them. This information can then be used to optimize workflows and ensure that projects are completed on time. In addition, time tracking can help managers budget their time more effectively and avoid overscheduling. By understanding how employees use their time, businesses can operate more efficiently and boost their bottom line.

Examples of employee time tracking apps include WorkTime, Timly, Toggl, Hours, and InEwi. Some of them are expanded timers, others are more adapted to the work conditions. They allow for not only calculating the work time itself but also requesting a holiday or sick leave.

5. Project time tracking software

Project time tracking software enables monitoring project progress and tracking time at the same time.  The application can be used to communicate with others on various projects, assign tasks, add comments to tasks, and create custom reports, plans, and action strategies. Project time tracking software, such as IC Project has all the necessary functions to monitor project progress and provides an access to an automated process of reporting the work time of each person working on a given project.

In addition, project time tracking software use accounting tools that calculate the project value. Entering the hourly rate for each employee allows for calculating the profitability of the given project with costs broken down into detailed analyses of individual tasks. Such a system automatically converts work time into money value. Such reports are very useful when issuing invoices or calculating the work time and costs for future projects.

Task and project time tracking

The use of task completion makes it possible to skip keeping track of how much time employees spend on each activity. Knowing a rate in advance allows for planning the budget, reducing the risk of underestimating costs. This method is the easiest to employ when working with remote workers.

Project time tracking determines the actual time required to complete projects and tasks, enables a realistic assessment of project profitability, and makes future valuations more accurate. Project time tracking can help businesses to see which employees are putting in the most hours on specific projects. This enables to delegate tasks more effectively and allows for assessing the actual project costs.  This information is invaluable as regards planning and pricing new undertakings. The project manager can also monitor the level of budget use by knowing the number of hours worked and can take actions to optimize work patterns.

Top 5 work time tracking software in 2022

Project time tracking software can be a valuable tool for any business that wants to make sure that its employees are productive and that its resources are being used efficiently.

IC Project – the project time tracking software

work time reporting software Interfejs IC Project

IC Project is the best project time tracking software. Each tacked task can be viewed separately, comparing the assigned budget with the actual use of human resources or external costs associated with the project. The information on the amount of time spent on tasks and projects provides the data required for efficient project planning. With the financial module, the tracked and reported work time is automatically calculated into costs.

Fanurio – work time reporting software

time reporting software Fanurio grafika z programu

Fanurio is a simple app for work time tracking mostly intended for freelancers and small teams. The tool allows classification of the tracked time into a proper place which, in turn, provides a project settlement option. The app also generates simple reports.

Clockify – work time reporting software

work time software Interfejs Clockify

Clockify is an app for work time tracking and reporting. The tool will automatically calculate the time spent on your duties. It can function in various forms – for a business, a team, or a sole entrepreneur. Additional features of Clockify include a calendar with tasks, the function of time–project combinations, or visual reports allowing comprehensive work time management. The tool has been equipped with a very simple financial module, which lets you clip the recorded work with your current duties and settle it all.

TimeCamp – work time reporting software

work time Widok TimeCamp czasu pracy

TimeCamp is a work time reporting app that lets you combine several key things. In TimeCamp, predictably, you can measure the time devoted to work – from the time devoted to specific tasks to annual leaves to overtime. The tool also features an interesting current activity view. In short, we will check what everyone is working on. This might prove useful for ongoing supervision and monitoring of activities. TimeCamp has been equipped with a simple invoice issuing module. As a result, you get a combination of functions very similar to that in Clockify.

DeskTime – work time reporting software

work time reporting software Interfejs DeskTime

DeskTime is targeted at small teams and freelancers. It allows gaining control of the actual work time through different forms of tracking – with a stopwatch, manually, or using the Pomodoro technique. DeskTime also features a mobile app, which helps you work, track and report the time you spend on duties outside your office. The app offers the assignment of tracked time to a project and invoice issuing area. What is the best time tracking software?

Employee awareness of time tracking purpose

Most employees are familiar with the concept of time tracking, but may not be aware of the purpose behind it. The main purpose of work time reporting is to increase team performance and improve the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of specific tasks and projects. Employee awareness of work time reporting systems and understanding of time tracking tools usage improves the level of acceptance and commitment.

How do talk your employees into work time recording?

1. Provide a user-friendly tool for work time recording.

Implement a solution that is easy to use so that employees will not have to take any extra steps to record, track, and report how much time they spent on a project or task.

2. Show how work time reporting will benefit the business.

It’s worthwhile explaining why such a need appeared in the business in the first place. The most common causes include analysis of what the team devotes work time the most to so that small tasks do not escape attention during the evaluation process; much more precise appraisals for clients, taking into account the financial aspect and analysis of previous projects; checking whether the team performs any extra duties, which can also be priced; and seeing whether the entire workflow can be better streamlined.

3. Offer small benefits for reporting work time.

For example, agree with the team that any employee who reports and tracks at least 90% of their total work time can end the week an hour earlier.

4. Show patience and consistency in action.

By reminding, informing, and setting reminders in your tool, you will achieve the desired results.


Employee time tracking can be done manually or through the use of project time tracking software. Whichever method is used, it is important to ensure that employees are aware of the track time process and that their privacy is respected. Making sure that time is used as efficiently as possible is the recipe for project success. When project time tracking software uses functions such as Gantt charts, it can also help to identify areas where work time can be saved.