A “Bottleneck”, and what now?

IC Project IC Project , 19 January, 2018


It is the dream of all of us that our company is thriving and all implemented projects end successfully. Unfortunately, even in the best-funded start-up and perfectly designed undertaking, there are always unforeseen obstacles that make some things go differently than we would wish. Bottlenecks suppress the flow of work and delay or even preclude accomplishment of goals. This is why there can be no doubt: “project suppressors” are best to be identified before they become an issue. What to do if they appear? Fortunately, there are effective ways to streamline the bottleneck.

Change in task delegation

There is probably no project manager who has not struggled with a sudden absence of a team member. Unannounced holidays, unexpected sick leaves or days off caused by fortuitous events can disorganize work, cause delays and efficiency problems. In a well-managed project, there is no room for situations in which the success of the task depends on availability of a single team member. Therefore, in case of even a short absence of the employee assigned with the task, the only solution allowing to clear the bottleneck may be appointment of a substitute and delegating some urgent matters to such a person.

Dividing tasks into smaller ones

The reasons that can successfully hinder implementation of the project include also situations when it turns out that the task is extremely difficult and it takes more time to be completed than we originally expected. In such a case, the method of eating the elephant one bite at a time comes to the rescue. A complicated issue that blocks the work flow can turn out to be significantly easier to solve if we break it down into smaller fragments. Additionally, if we can delegate some of them to other people, we will give more power to the bottleneck.

Assigning tasks to more than one person

One of the frequent reasons of downtimes and delays at a project stage is excessive workload of some team members. Sometimes, it results from HR shortages and limited budget. In many cases, however, it is simple the matter of unequal work distribution which leads to failure to use the potential of some of the employees. How can this be solved? The easiest way to unblock such a bottleneck is to temporarily involve additional people in the task implementation. If we use ICP it is extremely easy. We have the ability to assign any number of users to any task at any time, depending on our needs

It is certain that any project managers or boss will sooner or later have to face difficulties affecting the work flow. Critical points can appear anywhere and tracking them is a never-ending and unrewarding job, where you have to be careful or you might become the bottleneck yourself.


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