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Project management communication

Project management communication transfers the entire corporate communication to IC Project and communicate using the in-built chat. Users can communicate interactively in several ways – in the private mode, in the context of any selected task or project. It is also possible to attach files and use the messenger on a mobile app.

Transfer the entire corporate communication to IC Project

Communicate with everybody using our messenger

The messenger incorporated in IC Project is a great value added that streamlines corporate communication. IC Project chat lets you speak to any of your employees, but also third-party customers who have access to the system. The messenger is also available in our mobile application.

Use various chat modes

Talk about a task, project or in a customised conversation

A great advantage of the IC Project messenger is also the possibility of having a conversation with more than one employee. Here, you can talk about any task, project or in a customised conversation. With just one click you can create such modes as a task-based conversation. The system will create the group of persons implementing the task automatically.

Check the potential of our messenger

Upload files and hold interactive discussions

The IC Project chat lets you share your files with co-workers. You can send attachments in various formats. All files sent can be quickly found in a specific tab. The interactivity of the messenger is its great advantage.

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Use the connection between the messenger and tasks

Do you know how the connection between the messenger and task management works? It is a great solution! If you create a task-based conversation and upload a file to it, you do not have to browse through the entire thread to then find it. All such files are also uploaded to the task you all discussed. Great, is it not?

Keep the entire history of conversations and threads

Go back to the history of the entire corporate communication

No thread started ever disappears in IC Project. You always have the entire communication history at your disposal. You can browse the history by projects, tasks, date range or persons you discussed with. Furthermore, conversation can be also browsed by content.

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