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Project Management Functions

Managing a company is a complex process the success of which depends on many factors. IC Project is a comprehensive management tool that will bring management in your company to a completely new level. You do not need several programs – a comprehensive one is all you need. Get to know the abundance of functionalities offered by IC Project that will streamline multiple processes in your company.

Project Management

IC Project is a tool developed to manage projects effectively. It offers many useful functionalities that will bring project management in your company to a new level.

Work time measurement

Controlling the work time is a key aspect in monitoring many corporate processes. IC Project offers many time measuring options which translates directly into your finances.

Interactive calendar

Use our interactive calendar that allows for perfect time management and teamwork. In this calendar, you can add events, tasks and control absences.

Task management

Manage the tasks in your company using IC Project and have everything under control. Task management in IC Project is based on intuitive Kanban boards, while other system facilities make your work even easier. Try it yourself.

In-built messenger

Communicate using our messenger. Chat in several modes – private, task or project-oriented. Attach files and use the chat in the mobile app.

Project budget management

Control all financial aspects of your projects, create special forecasts and add incurred costs. Compare the forecasts with actual results and extract all data in special reports.


Use the special reporting system and control the company’s progress. Thanks to the proposed mechanism, you can generate any report containing a lot of key information quickly and easily.


Use the invoicing option offered by IC Project and transfer the most important aspects of running a business to a single comprehensive tool. All in one place.

Holidays and absences

Manage absences in IC Project. Send and accept applications and adjust the number of holidays for each employee. The system will calculate everything itself. Check the possibilities of our module.

Cooperation with customers

Do you cooperate with your customers? Do it by means of IC Project. Use special functionalities offered by the tool and transfer the entire cooperation with customers to us. Check how it works.

In-built CRM

Project management connected to your customer base? Perfect. IC Project offers an in-built CRM module that lets you manage information on all customers using many functionalities.

Gantt chart

Use the advanced Gantt chart to create schedules, plan and control all your projects on a current basis. If you like visual charts, this is a tool for you.

Notification system

The three-sided notification system offers a plethora of benefits for you and your team. Receive notifications and reminders daily, focus on your work and the system will take care of everything else.

Service tickets

Take care of good organisation in your company. Use our special advanced module that lets your customer report any problem quickly and efficiently so that you can solve it on the spot.

Wiki - corporate knowledge base

Use our knowledge management module and upload the most important corporate files there. Entire corporate knowledge accessible from any place around the world to the people chosen by you.