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Of course it does! IC Project has a mobile application available for Android and iOS. Enter Google Play or App Store, download the free application and use ICP on your smartphone.

Of course it is. If you download the application and log into your account, you will see all information which you have access to in the cloud version. Everything is connected and updates in real time.

Nothing is as easy as adding a project in our tool. Adding a project takes several seconds and further setup is also simple and easy. Do not worry about it.

Absolutely not. IC Project offers an advanced access-right management system which you can use to grant each user individual access rights and set them a specific view in the system.

Of course it does. IC Project features a three-way notification system which informs every employee about a new task or event in three different places – in the system, by e-mail and by smartphone notification.

What would our tool be without proper reminders? When you use IC Project, you can fully focus on your work and the system will remind you about any approaching task deadline or upcoming event. What is more, it will inform you about all changes that concern you, e.g. about uploading a new file in the task you are working on. Great, is it not?

Every project always consists of individual elements. In ICP, you divide projects into stages, task groups and single tasks. Each of these elements can be set up in terms of deadlines and then delegated to specific employees. As a result, you will always know the stage of projects and where to look for specific duties. Please note that you can also adjust every project according to its complexity – exactly as you need.

Of course you can. You can use IC Project to connect your entire enterprise. Every employee will have their individual account, but you will operate in a common space. Just imagine: projects, tasks, corporate communication and files - all in one place.

This is the first and most important issue we focused on when developing IC Project. All uploaded data are encrypted and access to them is subject to additional authorisation. We also ensure data backups on a regular basis. The security of your data is our top priority.

Yes, you can! IC Project features a special CRM module adapted to project management. If you carry out external projects for your customers, this is a perfect solution that will bring your work organisation to a new level.

Yes, it does. You can use IC Project to move all your corporate communication to our tool by means of a built-in messenger. You can use the chat to talk freely with any employee, but you can also create task-related, project-related or other conversations – whatever you need. The messenger is also available in our mobile application.

Yes, it does! In IC Project, you can create templates for projects, task groups and specific tasks. In addition, you can set every template up according to your needs. This is a great function that will automate your work.

Why not? Our tool includes an interactive calendar with many interesting functionalities. With ICP calendar, you can add events and tasks, view the calendar of your co-workers or manage absences.

Absolutely not. The greatest strength of IC Project is the ease of use. Our clients tell us every day that it is a very simple tool with a very friendly interface. We believe them. Do you?

That is not the case for IC Project. Every paid advanced package already includes our full support. We are always at your service – you can contact us via live chat, write an e-mail or simply call us. We will be happy to hear your voice and talk to you :)

Of course, you can. We will be happy to arrange an online presentation for you to discuss the needs of your enterprise and present the functionality of our tool. We like talking, it is a big advantage of ours :)

No way! Every paid IC Project package gives access to all functions of our tool. No hidden costs attached.

Of course, you can. IC Project allows many useful integrations with the tools pivotal to your current work. Check what we can offer.

Yes, we do. We make back up all data once a day. So, no worries. If you have any problems, contact us and we will restore your lost data.

You can change your account password only before logging in the system. In the login screen, click the password reset option and input your e-mail address. With a special link sent to your inbox, you can change your password.

Language can be selected in every account – click your photo in the top right corner, go to settings and select the language you are interested in. Save the changes. There you are!

Of course, it is true. IC Project features a module allowing you to issue invoices to your clients. Combination of invoicing with our CRM module and full project management is a great advantage. Test it yourself.

Yes, you can. Just go to your settings – this is where you can set up the numbering applicable when adding new projects. This way, you will find all your projects quickly and easily by their assigned number.

The view shortcut is an interesting option which will surely make your work easier. Imagine you have specific views in your tool which you use most often. For instance, you work on the given project on a regular basis and you want to just proceed to it without losing any time. Just set a shortcut to that view and go there with one mouse-click. Fancy, is it not?

Yes, the tool gives you many options in this area. Every employee can report the time they spent working on every single task. There are several ways of reporting – after the work is done, with a stopwatch measuring your work time for you or with the mobile application.

Yes, this is a great strength of our tool. You can allow your customer in the system and work together on projects and tasks or communicate with them using our messenger. You do not have to worry they will see any undesired information. You can set their access rights according to your needs.

Absolutely not. ICP is a cloud-based solution, so you just need a computer with Internet access. If you want to, you can also work using the mobile application on your smartphone.

In IC Project, the user licence is based on every employee or a customer's contact person with enabled login rights. You can add any number of employees or customers and our system will ensure you can manage the licences seamlessly.

Of course, you can. IC Project offers a special solution allowing to generate many template reports from which you can draw a lot of key information.

To delete your account, contact our support department. But before you do this – think it through ;)

Yes, you can! In the corporate settings, you can upload the logo of your enterprise and use it in many places in our system, e.g. in the invoices you issue or in the service ticket form. Branding is important – and we are well aware of that.

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