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Gantt Chart Benefits

Gantt chart benefits are schedules and plans which you can adjust in terms of deadlines and react to all concerning changes in a simple and approachable way.

Check the project planning possibilities

Create schedules. Plan your projects

The Gantt chart is an amazing tool where you can create a schedule for your project. In this simple and approachable way, you will plan all project elements step by step. Shifting task groups and tasks along the time axis, you can adjust project timeliness in just several seconds.

Use additional options in the Gantt chart

Add milestones and baselines. Control critical paths

Use additional advanced functionalities you can find in the Gantt chart in IC Project. Would you like to mark an important task in the schedule of your project? Use the milestone. Or maybe you need to control the project plan against real time execution? Baselines will be perfect for this. Remember that you can always find the path critical for your project in the Gantt chart.

Automate work in IC Project

Create dependencies between the tasks in your project

Have you had situations when one project tasks delays another? We have a solution for this. IC Project lets you create strict dependencies between task groups and tasks. This way, if your team is in delay with any task, the starting time for the task that depends on the former will be postponed automatically.

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Work in the chart as you please

Customise the view mode

IC Project offers adjustment of the Gantt chart view according to your needs. You can always preview your entire project in different modes – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual. If that is what you need, we offer also a solution allowing to control execution of all parallel projects in your company by means of the Gantt chart.

Do not stop in your actions. Stay updated.

React directly from the Gantt chart level

The Gantt chart in IC Project is a tool ideal for planning of your projects. It also works perfectly for control and quick reaction to any changes. From the Gantt level, you can manage the people assigned to the project, add new tasks or react to all disturbing signs you see in the chart on the spot. Do not wait. React.

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