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Plan and control the timeliness of projects

with visualization of the process on the Gantt chart.

Use the automatic visualisation of the project process in a Gantt chart. Create a project plan and gain an excellent tool for the project manager.

Automatically created Gantt schedule.

Opt for the automation of Gantt chart on every project.

A Gantt chart in IC Project is a minimum of work to be done on the part of the project manager. Each of your projects in this tool will get an automatically created Gantt chart. Zero extra work and a multitude of possibilities.

Gantt in ICP
Projects chart
Project under full control.

Control every part of the project
with Gantt chart capabilities.

Project management in IC Project is an insightful structural breakdown – you set milestones, task boards and individual tasks. Each part of the project will always be automatically visualised on the schedule. 

Single project or portfolio of projects?

Select a Gantt chart
at the appropriate level.

IC Project is a tool rich in Gantt schedules at many levels. You can use a Gantt chart for your entire project portfolio or visualise each individual project in detail. You choose.

Gantt chart

Minimum configuration work

The Gantt chart automatically
is created by IC Project technology.


Timely implementation of projects

Visualisation of the process on a chart
influences the timely completion of projects.


Automation of term changes

Possibility of determining dependencies between stages,
automates deadline changes on the project.

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Use additional options on the Gantt chart.

Milestones, rapid response or perhaps a critical path?

The Gantt chart in ICP is a lot of additional functionalities. You can easily set milestones, take immediate timely responses from the Gantt chart or check the critical path for the project.

Gantt chart
Dependencies in Gantt
Dependencies are key for the project manager.

Build dependencies and linkages,
automate term changes.

The Gantt chart in IC Project is equipped with rich functionalities for dependencies and links between parts of your project. Combine dependent activities and make instant changes during the execution phase. 

We have built the latest technology here.

Build and control a Gantt chart
with maximum transparency.

This is probably the nicest Gantt chart on the market, and the latest technology has built in reliability. Work as intuitively as possible with the different view modes and adapt the schedule exactly to your needs. 

Finance management in ICP


IC Project is a tool designed with great attention to intuitiveness for the user. Check this friendly and intuitive environment on a daily basis.


Support is the middle name of IC Project. Get yourself on-going assistance in many ways. From the first contact to any possible question during your work.


ICP is a program built on cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for a tool matching the latest trends, you have come to the right place.

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