How to make your life in a start-up easier with modern tools?

You have already got the idea, the business plan, you know how you want to make money and in what direction you want to develop? […]


Digitalisation – facilitation or torment

Without a doubt, the view of tons of the white form of wood (a white sheet of paper) is perfectly familiar to us (greetings to […]


Management straight out of the cloud

Anyone who has ever had to manage several projects at the same time knows how time-consuming, complicated and multifaceted such a process is. Of course, […]


For some, they are a driving force to act. For others, the very thought of them makes their blood run cold. Deadlines, that we are […]


The interpretation of a task is different depending on who reads it. Typically, a well-written task is understandable to the person assigned.  Therefore, you should […]

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