3 myths about cooperation with freelancers

Trends associated with the flexibility of labour market and alternative forms of employment are becoming more and more visible throughout the world. The importance […]


Must-have tools

Managing a project is a process requiring use of tools facilitating work at all stages: for the employees responsible for their parts of the […]


Project Success – What Does It Actually Mean?

Everyone who joins a new project asks themselves the key question: what to do to make it work? There have been dozens of book […]


Nobody can deny that time is the most valuable resource we have. Concurrently, the very thought about counting the minutes we devote to performance […]

Running projects is an inherent element of everyday professional duties. Small companies, large corporations, newly founded start-ups, organisations and institutions – they all manage […]

Regardless of how much we would like it to happen, in project management it is rare when everything goes smoothly. The level of difficulty […]

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a slogan that has been used day in, day out in business circles for several years. Not without […]


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