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See the real time intensity of work

with worktime tracking and reporting.

IC Project is a tool that guarantees combination of your projects and tasks with worktime measuring and reporting functionalities. See the real time intensity of developed projects, with no additional plug-ins or applications. It also involves automatic translation into your company’s finances and special work time reports presenting the most important information.

See the real and true data.

See the real time intensity of tasks and projects in your company.

The time intensity indicator for tasks is a very important information at the level of project planning and valuation. Real data cannot be analysed without a proper tool. Place your bet on technology and work more accurately.

Project view in IC Project
Manage tasks in IC Project
All in one.

Combine worktime tracking with tasks and projects.

IC Project is a combination of developed projects and executed tasks with worktime measuring functionalities. You do not need any integrations or additional systems. You receive all combined into one.

You decide what you need.

Report and control worktime in many flexible ways.

Flexibility is key. It is you who decides how to report worktime. You can use the special time tracker or report manually after you end your work. Remember also about the mobile application that lets you do a lot.

Worktime IC Project

Higher business awareness

Knowing the real time intensity of work,
you know much more about your business.


Project valuations with no mistakes

If you know the time spent on duties,
you do not make mistakes in project valuations.


High work intuitiveness

The team executing projects in ICP
can also measure their worktime.

Let’s arrange a dedicated presentation of IC Project.

Presentation is the best form to learn the possibilities offered by IC Project. During the free online meeting, we will discuss your needs and present the software operation.

Use the combination of worktime and finance.

See the real project costs based on time intensity.

Worktime measurement in IC Project is connected with the financial module. All you need to do is set the hourly rate for every employee and any reported time will be automatically converted into real project costs.

Finance management in ICP
Widget report
Work with a functional and intuitive mobile application.

Use the mobile application and control worktime in the field.

Nowadays, mobile access is simply a must. That is why IC Project has a very functional and intuitive application. Use it to measure and report worktime from the level of your smartphone.

Gain on-going business control.

Visualise the situation in your business in special time reports.

All data regarding worktime are visualised automatically by the system in time reports. You have many options to choose from. Place your bet on a dynamic view presenting the situation in the given week or generate your own report.

Timesheet view


IC Project i a tool designed with great attention to intuitiveness for the user. Check this friendly and intuitive environment on a daily basis.


Support is the middle name of IC Project. Get yourself on-going assistance in many ways. From the first contact to any possible question during your work.


ICP is a program built on cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for a tool matching the latest trends, you have come to the right place.