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Project management time tracking

Project management time tracking means controlling and monitoring the work time in corporate processes. Measuring work time is more than just regular time keeping. It also involves automatic translation into your company’s finances and special work time reports presenting the most important information.

Track the task work time

Use task and project work time reporting

All employees can report work time spent on specific tasks in IC Project. All they need are two operations in the system, entering the duration and day, and the data will be completed. It is very simple and intuitive, and so needed in management.

Use many reporting options

Report time in several ways

IC Project offers many ways to report work time. Employees can do it themselves or, if needed, the manager can report for others. In terms of reporting methods, the system is very flexible. It offers manual time recording after work completion or a stopwatch that runs and measures the time in the background.

Get to know the automation options offered by ICP

Control project finances with work time reporting

We are certain you will like this solution. All you need to do is assign an individual hourly rate to each employee and every hour reported by them will be automatically converted into money in the project finances. This way, you can keep track of profitability of your projects.

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Use the potential of the mobile application

Work in the field. Report in the mobile application

Do you work in the field? Do you have out-of-office meetings? Do not worry. IC Project offers a mobile application that will let you report work time and much more. Therefore, you do not even have to turn your computer on to record what and when was done.

Generate reports in IC Project

Generate a special report and react on the spot

Work time control must be connected with special reports. In IC Project, you can generate any time report, adjusted to your needs. You can select projects, persons, time intervals or report views. You can also adjust the detail level of this report. You will see exactly what you need.

Plan your time and compare it with real time

Plan the time all employees need for their tasks

When assigning a person to a task in IC Project, you can always determine the time needed for task execution. It is a very important information, key both for the person implementing the task and for the project management.

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