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IC Project

Project management software that brings your company
to the highest organisation level

IC Project is an intuitive project management software that will help you organise the work of your team, keep track of the document flow and streamline corporate communication. This solution is a perfect combination of high functionality and extreme intuitiveness in daily use. One tool will provide you with an abundance of useful functionalities that will streamline many corporate processes. ICP is a comprehensive program that will bring your company to a higher level and provide you with substantial advantage over your competitors.

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Sławomir Bochnak

CEO in Play-Maker

After a long and bumpy road - full of tables and notes spread all over the place - we have finally gathered it all in one software. IC Project is very transparent, intuitive and makes executing projects simpler than ever. Nothing gets lost and everything reminds about itself automatically. We also appreciate great contact and support as well as taking our remarks into consideration when introducing changes and upgrades.

Marcin Budzyński

CEO in BiggerB

IC Project is an extremely intuitive and functional management tool. It works perfectly for my marketing agency - it has organised our project and task management, enabled more effective operation of the entire BiggerB team and has definitely streamlined corporate communication. IC Project was a great choice.

Dariusz Łydziński

CEO in 4ITSecurity

IC Project lets us organise our work from project initiation to completion. Thanks to ICP, we also have a full history of implemented project. The most important thing is that all tools are in one place - from the calendar, through chat to task cards. A great advantage is also the fact that the customer has a preview and can always check our progress. It is a perfect tool for small and medium enterprises that can execute their tasks and projects, at the same time optimising their costs.

Jarosław Twarowski

CEO in Idealia Digital Hub

IC Project has definitely streamlined work at IDH. It is a comprehensive tool that helps us automate processes and manage projects efficiently. It makes work simpler and communication faster.

Łukasz Czerwik

Projekt Director in Projekt-Technika

IC Project is a system we have been working on for several years. For us, it is of great value in terms of management and organization of project work, we have all the information in one place. Each employee has full control over tasks, the program enables constant control and organization of tasks. The program is very helpful in the case of team work on projects, everyone can see the common movements of their own work, external orders. By using IC Project, employees know what they have to do and at what time. It is a tool that undoubtedly works well in virtually every architectural studio - it fits perfectly into the specifics of our work.

Anna Surma

PMO Manager in Maxberg

Maxberg is a modern architectural office that decided to implement IC Project to improve project management and financial settlement of all works in the company. Choosing IC Project was a very good decision because it is a solution that fits perfectly into the specifics of our industry. It helps in effective project management, allows you to determine the real time-consumption of work, and also offers practical mechanisms for financial settlement of projects.

Karolina Ślebocka

Marketing & ECommerce Manager in PHU Szczepan and HAP Armatura

Marketing in e-commerce is constantly combining numbers and creations. How to find a program that everyone will love - table people (E-commerce Specialists) and the number of skeptics (Content Designers)?
A program that will additionally oversee the entire process from listing the product to promoting it in social media? After years of searching, I found - IC PROJECT!

Agata Porębska

Manager in Remplus RehaFit

IC Project fits perfectly into the Remplus RehaFit business profile. We have a comprehensive and flexible approach to our clients, similar to the subject of IC Project, offering an excellent tool for task management, team communication and information flow.

Get to know project management in ICP

Manage all projects effectively

IC Project is a tool developed to manage projects effectively and efficiently. IC Project offers many useful functionalities that will bring project and task management in your company to a new level of organisation. Check what you can gain from it.

Explore project management

Get to know the work time tracking options

Control the work time

Controlling the work time is a key aspect in monitoring many corporate processes. Measuring work time in IC Project is more than just regular time keeping. It also involves automatic translation into your company's finances and special reports presenting the most important information.

See how to measure working time

Check what the IC Project calendar offers

Use an interactive calendar

IC Project has an in-built interactive calendar that allows for perfect time management and teamwork. In this calendar, you can add events, tasks and control absences. Compare also your co-workers’ calendars to avoid task duplication and gather all key information.

Explore the calendar in IC Project

Get to know task management in IC Project

Task management has never been this simple

Manage the tasks in your company using IC Project and have everything under control. Task management in IC Project is based on intuitive Kanban boards, while other system features make your work even easier. Try it yourself.

Take a look at how to manage tasks

Check the possibilities of our in-built messenger

Talk to the team

Transfer the entire corporate communication to IC Project and communicate using the in-built chat. Talk interactively in several ways - in the private mode, in the context of any selected task or project. Attach files and use the messenger also in the mobile app.

Check out the messenger's capabilities

Check the possibilities of controlling finances in your company

Manage and control all financial issues related to projects

Control the budget of your projects, create financial forecasts and add all incurred costs. Compare the forecasts against the actual results and generate all key information in special template-based reports. It has never been so simple.

Learn about your budget control possibilities

Check the potential of the reporting system in IC Project

Generate reports and draw the most important information from them

IC Project is an ideal tool to monitor and control many processes in your company. Thanks to the proposed mechanism, you can generate any report containing a lot of key information quickly and easily.

See how to generate reports

Check the invoicing options available in IC Project

Issue invoices in IC Project

Invoicing is one of those processes that all companies need to deal with. Use the invoicing option offered by IC Project and transfer the most important aspects of running a business to a single comprehensive tool. Just imagine it - all in one place.

Check the invoicing options

Choose a comprehensive solution

Manage holidays and absences in your enterprise using IC Project

You do not need any additional programs anymore. You can do everything by means of IC Project, including your calendar, projects, tasks or communication. Manage all holiday applications and adjust the number of holidays available for all your employees. Automatically, without any effort on your part.

See how to manage holidays

Get to know new possibilities of cooperation with your customers

Work with your customers in IC Project

Do you cooperate with your customers? Do it by means of IC Project. Use special functionalities offered by the tool and transfer the entire cooperation with customers to us. Adjust the access rights of your customers and cooperate with them in ICP.

See how to cooperate with clients

Gain an exceptional project visualisation tool

Plan and control projects by means of the Gantt chart

Use the advanced Gantt chart to create schedules, plan and control all your projects on a current basis. You can adjust everything in your project in terms of deadlines and react to all concerning changes in a simple and approachable way.

Test the potential of the Gantt chart

Check the three-way notification system of IC Project

Stay updated thanks to the special notification system

Use the special notification system of IC Project to stay updated with all financial information. Receive notifications and reminders daily, focus on your work and the system will take care of everything else. Your memory included.

Learn how the notification system works

Check the service organisation possibilities for your company

Accept service tickets or complaints from your customers

Are you looking for a way to accept service tickets or complaints from your customers? We have a perfect solution for this. Use our special advanced module that lets your customer report any problem quickly and efficiently so that you can solve it on the spot. Take care of good organisation in your company - it is the key to success.

See how to use service requests

Check the possibilities offered by the corporate knowledge base

Manage the company's knowledge in one place

Do you need a place in your company where you could gather all most important instructions, procedures or regulations? We know what to do. Use our knowledge management module and input the most important corporate files there. Entire corporate knowledge accessible from any place around the world to the persons chosen by you.

See what the Wiki can do

Organised remote work with an appropriate tool

Invest in a functional tool for remote work

IC Project is a perfect tool for remote work. The potential of the cloud-based solution as well as many useful functions will let your entire team work in our tool in a highly effective way. Check for yourself why IC Project is a solution tailored for the remote work model.

Check how IC Project supports remote work

Intuitiveness, flexibility and modernity. This is what makes us stand out

Rely on an intuitive, flexible and modern solution

We designed IC Project to be an easy-to-use tool that automatically adapts to your needs. It stands out from other solutions because of its user-friendly interface and modern design. This allows you to manage employee motivation effectively.

See what makes IC

Work automation in its prime

Automate your work with IC Project

Tool automation is the basic thing that will make your system perform work for you. We know this in IC Project and have prepared many interesting solutions for this. Get to know the automation tools offered by IC Project that will make your work easier or maybe even reduce it.

Learn about work automation in IC Project
See other IC Project benefits

Data security in IC Project

of your data
is our priority

In IC Project we employ the latest technologies so that your data are always 100% secure. Check how we protect and secure them.

Learn more about security


We back up your data
once a day


Highest security level
of encryption of uploaded data


Our data center meets
stringent requirements of the TIER-3 standard


Your data are available at any time,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Anytime and anyplace.

Integrate IC Project with
your favourite tools

IC Project offers a number of useful integrations allowing for synchronisation with all the tools and systems you cannot imagine working without right now.

Check our integrations


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up to 3 users

for free


  • Number of users: 3
  • Number of projects: 3
  • CRM
  • Full calendar:
  • Instant Messanger
  • Storage: 100MB
  • Support
  • Data backup
  • Invoicing
  • Gantt
  • Finances
  • Reports
  • Ticket system


up to 10 users


  • Number of users: 10
  • Number of projects: Unlimited
  • CRM
  • Full calendar:
  • Instant Messanger
  • Storage: 5GB
  • Support
  • Data backup
  • Invoicing
  • Gantt
  • Finances
  • Reports
  • Ticket system


up to 25 users


  • Number of users: 25
  • Number of projects: Unlimited
  • CRM
  • Full calendar:
  • Instant Messanger
  • Storage: 15GB
  • Support
  • Data backup
  • Invoicing
  • Gantt
  • Finances
  • Reports
  • Ticket system


up to 50 users

contact us

  • Number of users: 50
  • Number of projects: Unlimited
  • CRM
  • Full calendar
  • Instant Messanger
  • Storage: 20GB
  • Support
  • Data backup
  • Invoicing
  • Gantt
  • Finances
  • Reports
  • Ticket system

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