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Gorycki & Sznyterman

Implementation for Gorycki & Sznyterman Gorycki & Sznyterman has been involved in design and construction of stage technical system as well as interior and construction

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Idealia Digital Hub

Implementation for Idealia Digital Hub Idealia Digital Hub – an interactive agency providing marketing, PR, web development, graphics and professional business advising services. Idealia works

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Implementation for Deante Deante has been manufacturing bathroom and kitchen equipment for 30 years, exporting it to nearly 60 countries around the world. Such a

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Lech Poznań

Implementation for Lech Poznań Lech Poznań is a Polish football club playing in Ekstraklasa professional league. It is an 8-times Champion of Poland, 5 times

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Projekt Technika

Implementation for Projekt Technika Projekt-Technika is a team of experienced constructors, architects, engineers and fitters. The offer includes comprehensive investment support – from preparation of

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VOX Meble

VOX Meble implementation Vox Meble, one of the most innovative companies in the furniture industry in Poland. A indoor decor company operating on the market

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Deska Project

Implementation for Deska Project DESKA Project is a design studio with registered office in Katowice. It offers its customers a comprehensive scope of services, from

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Implementation for Nazbud Nazbud is a renowned design studio, specialising in preparation of concept, building and executive designs in the construction industry developed in the

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Ruch Chorzów

Implementation for Ruch Chorzów Ruch Chorzów is a Polish football club founded in 2910, one of the most decorated clubs in Poland. It is a

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