IC Project implementation examples

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IC Project is a universal tool that solves problems in many companies competing every day in various industries. Read about specific examples of implementation of our tool - from initial issues, through the entire implementation process, to the benefits that streamlined the work of our customers.


Deante is a company that has been developing for over 30 years and is constantly expanding its product offer. When introducing new products, it is very important to effectively manage such a project, and it was controlling the entire process that was the key to finding the right program. The Polish project management tool IC Project turned out to be the perfect solution. We have one common platform with access to all key information. It was a good choice.

Internet Media Polska

Internet Media Polska is a company dealing with comprehensive enterprise service. The company offers services of general marketing, search engine optimisation, development of responsive websites or copywriting, among others. The company is based in Gdańsk.

Gorycki & Sznyterman

The Gorycki & Sznyterman company has been successfully designing and preparing stage engineering systems and interior and construction acoustic systems in public utility facilities for over 20 years, helping them tap into their full technological potential. The projects of Gorycki & Sznyterman can be found in culture facilities with the highest standards, in television, sports facilities and many other places which are sometimes difficult to name.

Lech Poznań

Lech Poznań is a Polish football club playing in Ekstraklasa professional league. It is a 7 times Champion of Poland, 5 times winner of the Polish Cup and 6 times winner of the Polish SuperCup. Currently, it is on the 5th place of the all-time Ekstraklasa raking.

Bongo Invest

Bongo Invest is a development company - a definite leader in construction in many regions of Poland. The developer has already implemented many demanding investments.

Brand Assist

BrandAssist is one of the largest companies providing outsourcing services of Virtual Assistants and trainings for persons who wish to work in this capacity.

Great Gastro

Great Gastro is a producer of batters and marinades for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. The enterprise supports all types of catering outlets.

Projekt Technika

Projekt Technika is a company providing comprehensive services for large investments. From preparation of design documentation, through exercise of investor's supervision, to comprehensive performance of construction works.


Marcopol is a leading European producer of fasteners and connecting elements for multiple industry branches. It has been supplying top quality products to companies from various industries for 35 years.


Idealia is a big interactive agency providing services to renowned customers. Its business encompasses full marketing service, consulting and design audits.


BiggerB is a social media agency which deals with operating the largest European brands such as FlixBus or Paulaner in the area of social networks.