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Project Management

IC Project is a software developed for project management and task management. The best project management software offers many useful functionalities that will bring project and task management in your company to a new level of organisation. For every project management methodology, the IC Project workflow provides a set of tools that enable them to effectively manage projects.

Use the special potential of project division

Divide the project into stages and task groups

ICP allows you to divide the project into stages and task groups. Each project element can be adjusted in terms of deadlines, colour-labelled or delegated to specific people. This way, you know where to find particular duties, their deadlines and responsible people.

Adjust deadlines in your projects

Plan and control project timeliness

You can adjust the project divided into stages and task groups in terms of deadlines. Every stage and task group has its individual timeframes that build your entire project. This tool offers strict control of deadlines for every single project element.

Get to know the teamwork options

Work on projects as a team

Teamwork on projects is the keystone. IC Project is an effective means to connect your entire team. In practice, the project is executed by multiple people and IC Project allows you to assign specific persons to selected task groups. Obviously, you can work the same way when managing the tasks in your project.

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Control finances in one place

Manage the project finances

Finances are a fundamental issue in the functioning of any enterprise. IC Project lets you keep finances of all your projects in check. Before you start a specific project, you can run a full financial forecast. When the project is in progress, you can add costs, control and analyse the financial result on a current basis.

Track the progress and react on the spot

Control the project progress visually

Controlling the project progress is essential for its effective execution. IC Project offers a plethora of intuitive and approachable options of project progress preview. Use the special project progress view or one of many visual charts that present the exact progress of your projects.

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