Check the possibilities of controlling finances in your company

Manage and control
all financial issues
related to projects

Control the budget of your projects, create financial forecasts and add all incurred costs. Compare the forecasts against the actual results and generate all key information in special template-based reports. It has never been so simple.

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Forecast, plan and compare

Run financial forecasts for your projects

IC Project offers full management of project finances. Before you start a specific project, create an advanced financial forecast. Plan the costs and run a project revenue forecast. You can compare your estimates with actual results at a later stage.

Use the financial automation functions of IC Project

Control the project budget with automatic conversion of employee costs

Current control of the project budget is a key issue in the functioning of any company. In case of IC Project, all you need to do is assign hourly rates to all your employees. This way, every hour reported by them will automatically be converted into money. All data can be seen in the finances of your project. This way, you will automatically calculate the project profitability

All financial issues in IC Project

Add all incurred costs and control the financial result

Our tool lets you add all incurred costs on a regular basis. Every cost can be categorised and described, with relevant cost files attached. Furthermore, the cost can be assigned to a project or even stage and group of tasks. This gives you clear information about what it regarded and what it resulted from.

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Get the most important information from special reports

Generate proper reports. Compare and analyse

What would finance management be without proper reports? In IC Project, you can generate special financial reports. In these reports, you will find all financial issues related to any selected project or multiple projects in a single view. You can also select a specific time interval for the report to cover. Extracting all key financial data to a single transparent report requires just several seconds.

Use special and automatic finance recalculation

Analyse the financial result for every part of your project

In IC Project, all your projects are divided into stages. Therefore, our tool lets you control finances not only generally for the entire project, but also for specific tasks or even task groups. This gives you amazing opportunities in terms of monitoring of profitability of your projects and, thus, finding elements that could yield higher profits.

Flow of cost documents at the highest level

Collect all cost files in one place

Effective flow of documents is key to good organisation in your company. In IC Project, every document you attach when adding a cost will land in a special catalogue in all projects. This way, you can find all cost files quickly and efficiently.

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