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IC Project interactive calendar

Project management calendar

Project management calendar enables adding events, tasks and control absences. The calendar can check co-workers’ calendars to avoid task duplication and gather all key information.

Have everything at hand in our calendar

Control all corporate duties with a calendar

Combining the calendar with project management and CRM module is a great solution, allowing to find all key information in one key place. In our interactive calendar, you can add such things as events, meetings and tasks. Furthermore, the deadlines for all your tasks can be always seen in the calendar.

Use the potential of teamwork

Work as a team using the calendar.

How to work as a team using the calendar? We have a great solution for this! Using our calendar, you can preview the duties of all your co-workers. This way, you know if your colleague has an important task to do today, if he is on vacation, or maybe has time to discuss important project matters.

Connect with your favourite calendars

Synchronise with external calendars

Are you currently working with a different calendar? No problem. Our calendar can be synchronised both ways with external calendars. All you need to do is connect both calendars – this way, you will lose track of no important activities.

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Work with a calendar whenever you want

Customise the view mode

The calendar view mode is a very important issue. IC Project has a solution for this. Our interactive calendar can be used in the monthly, weekly and daily view. We also offer various view options for your tasks. You only need the task deadline? Or maybe its entire scope? It is up to you.

Use the three-way notification system

Use special notifications and stay updated

The interactive calendar connected to the special notification system is a great advantage of working in IC Project. You will be always notified about a new event or meeting you have to participate in. The system will remind you about it on a current basis. The notification system works also for the tasks, notifying you about all approaching deadlines.

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