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Task management

Task management is based on Kanban boards, which makes your project management even easier. Manage all tasks in your company using IC Project and have everything under control.

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Control the course of all tasks effectively

In the IC Project, all tasks in the project are visible on the special Kanban boards. This way, your team always knows what tasks are to be executed, which ones are in progress, and which ones have already been completed. With this tool, you can always check the task’s progress and communicate with the people responsible for it in a quick and efficient manner.

Use the intuitiveness of the tool

Manage tasks in a simple and intuitive way

The IC Project will bring the management of your tasks to a higher level. The tool offers many useful functionalities that will make your work easier. It offers a special place to control your productivity as well as the productivity of others. There, you can see all your tasks and tasks executed by any specific person.

Get to know the teamwork options

Work on the tasks together with your team

Teamwork on tasks is a key issue in efficient operation. In IC Project, you can delegate tasks to specific persons quickly and intuitively. All you need is to drag the icon of the given person over the task and then drop it. The task has been assigned and the person it was delegated to has received an automatic notification from which they can proceed to the task and start working on it immediately. Quick, simple, and intuitive.

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Every task in IC Project offers many undiscovered functionalities. When you enter the task, you can discuss it with your team, tag persons, or attach files. Every task can be turned into a cyclic one – this way, it will repeat itself exactly when you need it. The priority, task type, color labels, or additional reminders are aspects that will bring you to a new level.

Use the flexibility of IC Project

Customise project management according to your needs

IC Project is an extremely universal tool that you can adjust to your needs. In all task groups, you manage the Kanban boards where you can adjust the statuses individually. Do you need your task path? Create it! In each task, set its type and manage the selectable options in the system settings.

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