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Here you can read what you can change in your work mode to deal more effectively with tasks. Now we will focus on everyday activities that we do without paying attention to them – aspects that need to be eliminated, because many habits that negatively affect our productivity are our everyday life. Here’s what to get rid of:

Never-ending e-mail checking

Do not browse your e-mail all the time. Do it 3-4 times a day and answer then. When you focus on the most important task, turn off your e-mail or pop-ups announcing new messages.

Chaos on your desk and in your documents

Put things back in their place. Take care of the order on and around the desk. It is important for the space to be clean and well-organised. Lack of distractors will help you focus your attention.

Phone answering

If the nature of your job allows you to do so, isolate yourself for an hour or two and do not answer your phone: it will be easier for you to finish your task. A phone call can knock you out of your working rhythm. Sometimes it is better to call back later.

Soaking up useless information

In the era of information flooding us from all sides, filter them and do not spend time on reading necessary content. Focus on the information you can use somehow. Do not worry that you will miss out on something important. If a truly important piece of information appears, you will hear about it from others anyway.

Using social media

Do not check social media and private messages at work. Block access to internet websites which you visit often and are tempted to visit at work as well.

Your co-workers

If you need to focus on an important task and your co-workers are talking, do not fear to be assertive and politely explain that you cannot talk right now. You can also isolate yourself listening to music using headphones. An interesting solution is to introduce a code, so to speak: both headphones on mean that right now you are not to be disturbed; one headphone on means that you can be disturbed if there is an important matter to talk about and no headphones on means that you can talk freely.


And finally a few words about habits that positively affect our lives. Research shows that if we repeat something for a minimum of 21 days, it becomes our habit. Here are the habits that are worth introducing to your everyday functioning:

Have a good sleep

A deficiency or poor quality of sleep limit your ability to concentrate. Hence, you are less productive, which has a negative effect on your work. Sleep for as many hours as you need and, if necessary, take a nap during the day, which may help you regain your energy.

Eat well

Remember that food has a direct effect on your cognitive abilities and productivity. In short: do not avoid breakfast, select nutritious products, eat vegetables, drink water and above all – eat regularly.

Listen to valuable podcasts and audiobooks

Commuting to work, stuck in traffic, cleaning, cooking or exercising at the gym, you can listen to interesting books and interviews. This will help you develop creativity and improve memory and you will learn a lot of interesting things. You will spend time more effectively than e.g. listening to the same music in the radio over and over again. Inspire yourself.

Write ideas

“Declutter” your mind off ideas and solutions which occurred to you during the entire day. Do it every day. Write them down somewhere. Storing them in your head results makes some of them disappear forever. In addition, when you have your ideas written down in one place, you can look for links between them.

Surround yourself with plants

Nature has great power. Even a small plant put on your desk can have a positive impact on your work.

Productivity is a very broad subject. If you know some interesting ways to act more efficiently, please share them on social media.

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