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IC Project IC Project , 25 June, 2018


You will agree with me here – when I put forward a thesis, obvious in its simplicity, that specifying the goal and delineating the way to complete is a core to enter the performance of each project. Brainstorming, selection of the best of options, laying out a comprehensive plan and appointment of persons responsible for singular matters is the next, more or less complicated stage of our work. I do not even mention the risk of making respective decisions without the prior support of proven management methods, the idiomatic “getting tough” starts when the implementation process is in full swing. The respective co-workers, even if they have good intentions for teamwork, they are not always able to fulfil the responsibilities entrusted to them. Sometimes the communication fails in the team, other time the inaccurately assigned task, etc. It is futile to seek the causes of failure then, the completion time becomes longer, the deadlines are approaching, the effects fade away, the goal edges away. How to prevent it, how to be smarter than the competition? The golden mean is the Project Management, that is the professional project management.

Over the years, during implementation of strategies for various fields, a need emerged to put in order this precious knowledge for the better use of the company’s own resources, and hence obtaining better work results. This knowledge, valuable for entrepreneurs, was collected by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which disseminated the methods of project implementation on the basis of which a set of rules on project management was created. To put is simpler, a field dealing with effective project goal achievement with simultaneous elimination of existing limitations and risk was established. With time, the subject was extended with building the motivation of respective participants and appropriate communication within the team.

Skilfully using the riches of knowledge given to us by project management, we plan its implementation by eliminating the risk of failure at the level of the entire cycle of duration of the initiative. We are able to specify the threat which arises mainly due to causes resulting from, among others, the communication dynamics in the team, variable efficiency of the project participants, flawed planning or external factors beyond our control, but having impact on the project implementation on each of its stages. To put it simpler, we can delineate the way towards goals with possibly the best optimisation of the use of human, time or financial resources.

This is where the question arises – how to improve the effectivity of our actions without having the proper knowledge? Where to find the tool helpful in achieving the best result? The IC Project system created to agilely manage projects comes to your aid. It allows to create plans and group tasks within the products. The group tasks are divided in Kanban cards. During the work, the implementation status and incurred project costs may be assessed in a clear layout. Thanks to this, we can immediately notice the deviations from the plan and react to them in such a way so that we implement the assumed goals and eliminate the problems occurring on the way or clearly determine the direction of possible changes. We may also predict the potential new threats, which will eventually allow us to fully control the implementation of all project stages and will lead to the achievement of the chosen goal.

The research conducted by Independent Project Analysis Incorporated (which determines the benchmarks of companies in different industries in the scope of project management) shows that there is a relationship between companies achieving the best results in their businesses and their abilities within the scope of project management, which was proven with the analysis of the regression and correlation. For example, among the companies from the oil and gas industry, the leaders in 2005 were the companies which could implement projects 25% cheaper from on the average in the business, 20% faster than on the average in the business and with over 5% better operability than on the average in the business. This is probably the best proof for support of the already grounded thesis that professional project management has an obvious impact on the achievement of the best possible results.


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