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IC Project IC Project , 16 February, 2018


CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a slogan that has been used day in, day out in business circles for several years. Not without reason. Lightning-fast technological progress and IT society development brought many changes in the traditional way of marketing management and the clients themselves have become the company’s most precious resource. It is not surprising then that convenient storage of data related to them as well as effective planning and structuring of actions directed to business partners have become key aspects of business. There is a host of benefits derived from supporting yourself with a tool like CRM. Let us focus on what problems can be solved by this system in small companies and start-ups.

All your data in one place

Maintaining control over contacts does not pose much trouble at the beginning of an enterprise’s activity, but as it grows, it is hard to avoid a mess in this area. Ever happened to any of you to write down some important information, which was later impossible to find? Data stored in various formats, various places and in various programs lead to employees losing valuable time, communication being hindered and actions being less effective. Using tools like CRM allows to avoid such situations. One of its greatest advantages is that it allows to collect all scattered data in one place. Thanks to this, collecting, sorting and updating client information is much easier.

Online access

People who run a company or a start-up know that in most cases the boss’s work does not end once they leave the office. Thanks to CRM, working in a cloud, all data collected in the system are always at hand. It is not important whether one is away from the company office by hundreds of kilometres or merely a few metres. When we want to monitor the performance of a task or have to visit the client in emergency, all it takes is an access to a search engine and a few clicks to find the information of interest.

More effective group work

What is more, implementation of the CRM system significantly facilitates cooperation inside the team. How so? First and foremost, it allows individual members to exchange the necessary documents and information. Regardless of where an employee is located, they can perform their tasks. In the case of staff turnover, CRM allows to maintain all client data in the system and prevents the not-so-rare loss of some information along with an employee’s departure. An additional benefit is a much easier training of a new team member. Access to CRM, giving insight to the collected knowledge, allows them to start unaided work much more quickly.

CRMs have long ceased to be used exclusively by large corporations. The benefits that follow their implementation are being noticed by more and more small companies and start-ups. In their case though, it is not about a tool like a mass selling machine, but a simple solution to manage contacts. IC Project, aided by an in-built CRM, is an answer to these needs. Functionalities such as a list of contractors and contact persons and a possibility to create project-integrated notes make it possible to manage relations with the client at the basic level, allow for facilitation of every-day work and improve communication in the team. Is this not what it is all about?


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