The devil’s in the …. cooperation

IC Project IC Project , 29 January, 2018


How can we build an effective team? This question returns like a boomerang to those who are looking for a way to implement their business plan successfully. It is nothing unusual. Connecting individuals that differ in personalities, work and communication styles by means of a common goal as well as creation of one body out of them is a real challenge. After all, the sum of even the most outstanding individuals does not automatically result in an outstanding group. Therefore, what enables a team to successfully accomplish the set goals? The devil’s in the details. Although there may be many reasons for failures, today let us concentrate on cooperation and on what makes it difficult or even impossible in the project.

Imprecise task assignment

Any undertaking consists of a range of strictly connected tasks. It suffices that just one person fails to perform their part of work on time to make it impossible for the rest of the team members to do what they are supposed to. Nobody should also have any doubts that there is no room for collective responsibility in the project. This is why a clearly stated division of roles and competences as well as precisely defined scopes of responsibilities are not only the conditions required to avoid organisational chaos, but also to ensure effective cooperation. Moreover, each team member must be aware how their function contributes to accomplishment of the project’s goal. Without this element, it is difficult to expect specific results.

Lack of understanding of others’ tasks.

Responsibility for your contribution in the project is not enough to become a good team player. Good cooperation requires understanding of what work of other team members consists in: what their needs are, what limitations they have to take into account and how they can be supported. What happens if the above is missing? Potential problems may be regarded as a lack of skills and may affect atmosphere and team relations. Meanwhile, many difficulties in project implementation arise from organisational issues which can be nipped in the bud with help and encouragement of others.

Communication errors

It is also impossible to imagine effective team work without efficient communication. Despite its significant importance, this factor is one of the most underestimated. The ubiquitous rush results in the fact that meetings are often cancelled, reports are ignored and questions which, from the point of view of the project, should be taken into account are left without an answer. The result? Unclear statements and cooperation “failures”. Therefore, it is important to set clear rules for the exchange of information at the very beginning and then to adjust them to the preferences and needs of the participants. Everyone will probably agree that electronic mail is not the best solution when it comes to effective communication. However, it is worth creating one place for storing all the project documents, submitting corrections and discussion. IC Project will work perfectly in this role.

Of course, there is no single universal recipe for success of a project. However, it is a known fact that the ability to build a team whose members will be willing to help each other, giving priority to the superior goal over their individual pursuits, is the basis for effective implementation of assigned tasks. That is why there can be no doubts: the flame of cooperation is what deserves and what should be continuously maintained in the team.



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