When does your enterprise need project management?

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Large projects in an enterprise require precise organisation and a plan. However, it is not enough to distribute basic tasks to employees. There is a range of activities that can be tackled in a traditional way or by using modern technologies. Efficient project management allows effective achievement of set goals.


At the beginning we need to differentiate between the notion of project and other duties in the enterprise. Project is often described with words like ‘task’ or ‘initiative,’ but these are only component parts of the full definition. Projects are first and foremost defined by a specific budget. They include initiation, planning, performance and control of tasks. For management to be effective, a skilled project manager is often appointed, who supervises the work of the entire team. If there is no project manager, you can use modern project management methods.


Traditional approach versus modern technologies

It does not matter whether your enterprise is up for a smaller or a larger project. You can be sure that it will permeate all your areas of activity. To keep order when performing a project, you can use traditional tools, such as checklists or simple procedure which will additionally improve the communication of the entire team. However, neither the tools nor the description of tasks itself will not make a good project. Effective management should be based on the SMART model, which defines the following aspects of the project:

  • specific (clearly defined),

  • measurable (possible to be achieved),

  • ambitious (higher involvement than in everyday activities)

  • real (motivating),

  • timed (specification of set time interval).

Modern project management already functions as a separate discipline which includes new technologies and standards leading to performance of specific undertakings. Such a method will be useful in enterprises with various scopes of activities, e.g. in the building or aviation industry. It is also intended for project management in large- and medium-sized enterprises.


Skilled team is the foundation

A friendly workplace always improves performance of employees. When a new project is started, team members should not have other duties, deadlines or meetings. If so, their performance drops and they are simply tired. Proper project management eliminates stressful situations and guarantees better success. This is a solution allowing to save time, money and energy.

The project leader and their team should also have skills adequate to the task at hand. If there is no supervisor you should use a modern management system, which will distribute duties and prevent chaos from spreading across the enterprise. Such a tool assigns tasks online. Employees can log in the platform with their e-mail or another account and check their duties and the project deadline. In addition, some software has the option of sending notifications to e-mail or phone.

Modern project management tools assign employees individual tasks, which all sum up to form the intended final effect. On the other hand, such a solution is also useful for project managers. Thanks to it, they can follow up on the work and control the budget.


Modern project management – is it worth it?

Using a modern management method is recommended to all enterprises with a lot of projects. With it, you can assign tasks in an orderly way, compile a timetable and set a specific budget. Project management will be useful in:

  • marker research,

  • organisation of promotion of a new product,

  • production campaigns,

  • development of new software

  • establishment of a new department at work,

  • performance of construction works,

  • renovation and technical enterprises,

  • critical situations and removal of their effects.

In addition modern project management has a positive effect on the competitiveness of enterprises. It also leads to a range of economic benefits. It increases return on investment, sales and – most importantly – client’s satisfaction.


IC Project – who can use it?

IC Project is a modern method to manage projects. It allows synthesising in one place all that is necessary to implement a project. With it, you can create plans and task groups for employees. During project performance, the team leader will assess the status of the project and the costs sustained so far. If there are any inaccuracies, you can react quickly and put the project back on track. IC Project is a user-friendly software with complex tools.

The ICP platform is dedicated for all those who work on or use projects or tasks on a daily basis. The platform will be useful mostly in such enterprises as:

  • marketing agencies,

  • software houses,

  • enterprises providing various services,

  • consulting enterprises,

  • design enterprises,

  • enterprises serving EU projects.


Additional functions of the system

Such software will also be useful as a tool for proper information flow and opinion exchange between employees. With it, you can arrange a survey and votes inside the enterprise. Thanks to that function, the entire project will be coherent and ordered. Employees can also use the chat feature, which allows holding a discussion and sending files.

Enterprises using IC Project have at their disposal a transparent calendar and the possibility to create reports and contractor bases as well. Work time tracking is a useful feature – it allows determining how much hours are required for the task to be completed. ICP also has a built-in wiki module, where you can put such information as terms and conditions or accouncements.


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