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Implementation for Idealia Digital Hub

Idealia Digital Hub – an interactive agency providing marketing, PR, web development, graphics and professional business advising services. Idealia works based on 3 main principles: precision, perspective and energy. It has 2 branches – in Warsaw and Kielce. On the market since 2009.


The company tried multiple tools for communication with the customer for 4 years. It usually ended with e-mail correspondence and sending files, which was never fully satisfying and failed to solve certain issues. Moreover, task-based work was not properly organised and project settlement was a great challenge without key data.

Implementation process

Idealia Digital Hub is a creative agency that decided to trust IC Project with its comprehensive implementation service. The implementation process was almost instantaneous. Stationary implementation included training for employees, process implementation in practice and full account configuration. The implementation team was weel prepared and the entire IDH team was onboarded instantly.


IC Project is a perfect tool for IDH agency. It supports task-based work, streamlines external communication with customers as well as cooperation within the team. The system also makes project settlement much more efficient. Actual time intensity of tasks as well as all costs incurred at the project level are under full control.

Jarosław Twarowski

CEO, Idealia Digital Hub

IC Project has definitely streamlined work at IDH. It is a comprehensive tool that helps us automate processes and manage projects efficiently. It makes work simpler and communication faster.

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