Integrate IC Project

Send an e-mail
and use it in IC Project!

Integration with electronic mail

Are you looking for a way to send e-mails when managing projects? We have a dedicated solution for this. In IC Project you can send any message with attachments and it will appear in our system in seconds. Out of any message, you can create a task in any project, add a commentary or create a note.

How to do it?

  • Drop down "My ICP" tab on the left and go to the mail module.
  • The you will find the inbox of your messages to be sent to IC Project.
  • In the upper part, in the description, you will find the e-mail address to which the message is to be sent.
  • Send the e-mail to the dedicated address:
  • Remember that the message must be sent from the e-mail address you use to log into IC Project.
  • The message will appear in your inbox after several seconds.
  • Now you can get down to work - add a note, create a task or comment any task using your e-mail message. Including attachments.