Integrate IC Project

Connect the IC Project calendar with the Google Calendar

Integration with the Google Calendar

Do you use the Google Calendar every day and simply cannot imagine working without it? Do not worry – we have a solution. IC Project offers special two-way integration that lets you keep the track of all your duties. You will see all events, tasks or absences in the Google Calendar, and all duties currently entered in the Google Calendar will be displayed in the interactive IC Project calendar in a second. Fancy, is it not?

How to do it?

How can I see the ICP calendar in my Google Calendar?
  1. Drop down “My ICP” menu on the left and go to our calendar.
  2. Click “Synchronisation”.
  3. Copy the link from the open window.
  4. Paste the copied link into the settings of your Google Calendar.
  5. Done!

How can I see my Google Calendar in my interactive ICP calendar?
  1. Copy the iCAL link that can be shared in the Google Calendar.
  2. Go to the ICP calendar and click “+” on the left side, under the calendar.
  3. Name your calendar and paste the Google Calendar link.
  4. Click the arrow at the calendar icon on the left side, over the calendar.
  5. Select the given calendar and check its visibility.
  6. Success!

  Now no important event will go under your radar.