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Deante has been manufacturing bathroom and kitchen equipment for 30 years, exporting it to nearly 60 countries around the world. Such a dynamic development of this Polish company was possible thanks to the highest quality of products, inspiring designs, care for the customer, reliability and an innovative approach – not only to the product offering but also to the processes taking place in the organisation.


Every year, the company places a lot of new product collections on the market. Every implementation is a complex process requiring a project-based approach, creation of a schedule, task-based work as well as cooperation of multiple persons and departments. Before, the company had used several computer system and tools, resulting in hindrances in task-based work.

Implementation process

So far, IC Project has been implemented in the Product Managers and Marketing departments. The implementation itself has been a very smooth process thanks to the assistance offered by the customer service department and access to training materials. The team has familiarised themselves with operation and functionalities of the software, finding the tool to be intuitive and easy in use, at the same time meeting our needs.


Implementation of IC Project has helped us unify and streamline management of new implementation projects. Projects are planned in detail in terms of specific tasks for performance, schedules, responsibility, with use of tools facilitating cooperation and exchange of information, important files and documents.

Michał Kubus

Product Manager, Deante

IC Project – a Polish project management tool – has turned out to be an ideal solution for our company. We have one, common platform with access to all key information.

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