Implementation for Projekt Technika

Projekt-Technika is a team of experienced constructors, architects, engineers and fitters. The offer includes comprehensive investment support – from preparation of design documentation, through exercise of author and investor’s supervision, to comprehensive performance of construction works. The company has rich experience gained during construction of multiple facilities in Europe.


Before IC Project implementation, work in our company was not ordered properly. With bigger projects, a lot of information would often be irrecoverably lost, and project meetings were not effective enough as the findings would not end up in the project environment. With all that, we did not have a clear division of tasks into stages, which caused communication gaps.

Implementation process

Projekt-Technika has had the full system package implemented. All employees completed a station training in IC Project functionalities and operation. Thanks to the dedicated training session, the company’s decision-makers investment in the annual subscription from the get-go. Transition to full productivity happened virtually overnight, from the next business day in the company.


The program has streamlined teamwork in our business. We develop projects in fragments, broken down into various teams, and IC Project lets us do that extremely effectively. We collect all information in one place, the tool helps us communicate, lets us retain all project arrangements and, at the same time, provides us with a preview of the execution process for all tasks.

Łukasz Czerwik

CEO, Projekt Technika

We have been using IC Project software for several years. For us, it is of great value for project work management and organisation. It is a tool dedicated to architectural design studios.

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