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VOX Meble implementation

Vox Meble, one of the most innovative companies in the furniture industry in Poland. A indoor decor company operating on the market since 1989, offering unique and complementary products and services connected with apartment and house decor.


As a furniture industry business, we create broad and advanced collections. Every new product is a complex process that requires a task-based approach. Cooperation of many people needs to be very well coordinated. We needed a tool that will streamline organisation of work on projects, file flow and communication in our company.

Implementation process

The first steps with IC Project system did not cause too much trouble. As the tool is intuitive, we started using its functionalities quickly and efficiently. We are glad that we can count on full support from our dedicated consultant. IC Project system intuitiveness and support were all we needed to implement the functionalities of the IC Project tool in our company.


The system supports us greatly in design of new furniture and entire collections. We have the design process under control, along with work time intensity assessment. Working together on the projects and tasks, we definitely streamline team cooperation as well as entire corporate communication. We also think highly of the Wiki module that forms a file and document base of the company.

Grzegorz Łyskawiński

Chief Technical Officer, VOX Meble

IC Project is a system used at every organisational tier of our company. We use it to visualise the entire project and task process and to ensure effective communication of teams.