Manage the contractor base

connected with your projects.

Place your bet on the in-built CRM module of IC Project. Manage effectively the base of all contractors connected with your projects and gain full control.

Gain control over contractors.

Build a contractor base and gain access to all information.

Use the special CRM model to build a base of all contractors. Be it your customer, subcontractor or business partner – no difference. With the CRM module, you will gain all key information.

Cooperation CRM tasks
Contractor in CRM
Place your bet on the complete set of information.

All contractor information in one place.

If you care about information comprehensiveness, you’ve come to the right place. Get contact details, contact persons, documents, locations and many more under control. Here, you will find all information on the contractor.

Create automatic work history.

Link every contractor with the developed project.

If you develop external projects, i.e. for customers or in cooperation with subcontractors, the CRM module in IC Project is a perfect solution. Assign a project in development to a contractor and gain the entire history of work for the selected company.

Project view with people

Better contractor management

With a specially prepared base,
you will manage your contractors better.


Access to all information

The CRM module in ICP guarantees
access to all information on the contractor.


Automatic documentation creation

Linking the projects with contractors
means automatic documentation creation.

Let’s arrange a dedicated presentation of IC Project

Presentation is the best form to learn the possibilities offered by IC Project. During the free online meeting, we will discuss your needs and present the software operation.

Use the rich note-taking system.

Use the note-taking system to keep all information.

Maximally configurable note-taking system in IC Project lets you add any important information to your contractor. Define the note category, save the information and gain information comprehensiveness for every business.

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Manage tasks in IC Project
A contract? A brief? We have a solution.

All contractor’s documents under control.

In the CRM module, you can add any file in any way to any contractor. Be it a contract, brief or any other important document – attach it in the right place and organise the file flow perfectly.

Use the great dose of configurability.

Configure the entire CRM module according to your needs.

IC Project flexibility is our middle name. Adjust the CRM module any way you want to your own needs to work even more efficiently. Set the industries, tags, views for all contractors. You are the one in charge, so work as you wish.

Finance management in ICP


IC Project i a tool designed with great attention to intuitiveness for the user. Check this friendly and intuitive environment on a daily basis.


Support is the middle name of IC Project. Get yourself on-going assistance in many ways. From the first contact to any possible question during your work.


ICP is a program built on cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for a tool matching the latest trends, you have come to the right place.

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