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CRM Project Management

Project management combined with your customer base? Perfect. In IC Project you will find a built-in CRM module, thanks to which you can manage information about all clients. Add contact people, save notes, view tasks and projects, and store all files related to your contractor. All the key information in one place.

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Gather information on all of your clients in one CRM sotware

The built-in CRM module is a great value when managing your customer base. In our CRM, you can collect and process data about all clients. The convenient dashboard allows a clear overview of current topics in collaboration with your customers.

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Use CRM in conjunction with projects, calendars, and invoicing.

IC Project CRM is combined with project management, an interactive calendar, and a module for issuing invoices. You will also see every project that you carry out for the client under his profile in CRM. Thanks to this, you always know what projects and tasks your company has carried out for a specific client. What’s more, you will also see what invoices have been issued for the client or all events or meetings that you have had with the client.

Collect the entire history of cooperation with clients.

Use the advanced note-taking system in CRM.

Notes in CRM are essential for recording the entire relationship with your client. In IC Project, you will find an advanced note system combined with project management. In a special view, you can add notes, categorize them, and even assign them to a specific project. Thanks to this, you have the entire relationship with the client visually presented in one place. From start to finish.

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CRM functions to make your work easier

In our built-in CRM, you will find many additional options that will definitely help your company in working with clients. You can assign a supervisor to each of your clients and add files, thanks to which you will know where to find contracts, briefs, or other important documents related to your contractor.

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