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Invoicing is one of those processes that all companies need to deal with. Use the invoicing option offered by IC Project and transfer the most important aspects of running a business to a single comprehensive tool. Just imagine it – all in one place.

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Invoicing combined with CRM and projects? Perfect

A great advantage of invoicing in IC Project is combination of project management and CRM. Any invoice you issue in IC Project can be assigned to a project or customer. This way, everything is interconnected, and you can see the invoice in multiple places in the system.

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Send invoices by e-mail to your customer straight from IC Project

Every invoice issued in IC Project offers a multitude of functionalities to use. One of them is sending invoices by e-mail straight from our system. You have issued an invoice? Send the document to the customer directly from IC Project. It is that simple and intuitive.

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Export, download and use additional options

Every invoice can be always downloaded to a file to save it on a hard drive or present to the customer. You want to issue a correction, edit the document or duplicate it? No problem. In the invoicing module, you can use the advanced search option to find the invoice you are interested in. Remember you can also export the entire list of invoices selected by you.

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Check invoices as paid or booked on a regular basis

Using IC Project, you always know the status of every single invoice. You can check invoices as paid or booked at any time. As you know, this is a very important information you have to control on a regular basis.

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