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Manage holidays and absences in your enterprise using IC Project

You do not need any additional programs anymore. You can do everything by means of IC Project, including your calendar, projects, tasks or communication. Manage all holiday applications and adjust the number of holidays available for all your employees. Automatically, without any effort on your part.

You do not need any additional programs. Work in IC Project

Manage all absences in the company in a single program

Use the special module to manage absences and control all holidays and absences in your company. All employees can submit holiday applications at any time, and everything will be displayed in the interactive calendar.

Manage and control holidays in your company

Adjust the number of holidays available for each employee

Would you like to adjust the number of holidays for each of your employees? Easy-peasy. IC Project offers a special panel where you can do just that. After every accepted holiday, the system will automatically recalculate the number of available holidays. Stop generating more work for yourself – manage absences in your company with IC Project.

In the end, it is you who decides

Comment, accept or reject holiday applications

Decide to accept or reject the holiday application directly at the system level. An employee applied for a holiday? Do not wait, make your decision right now. Accept or reject it. You can also post a dedicated comment at any time to explain your decision.

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Receive notifications of new applications or decisions of your superior

Quick information flow is a key issue in the functioning of any enterprise. The person responsible for management of absences will receive the notification regarding the new holiday application immediately. If the superior makes a decision, the employee is also automatically informed about acceptance or rejection of their holiday application.

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