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Manage leaves and absences

with use of a special module.

Check the leave and absence management module in IC Project offering a technological approach to organisation of the entire process. Plan your better even more efficiently.

All absences under control.

Manage all leaves and absences in a modern way.

Use the special IC Project module and manage absences technologically. Accept or reject leave applications, generate leave plans and, thanks to that, plan work in your company effectively.

Leaves view
Calendar online view in IC Project
Projects and tasks links with leaves.

Connect project and task-based work with leaves in your team.

IC Project is a tool that guarantees connection of project and task management with management of leaves in your company. Thanks to this combination, planning becomes easier and information flow – much more efficient.

One-time job, no more redundant questions.

Generate leave plans
and take control over the number of leave days.

The module of management of leaves and absences in the company lets you generate leave plans for the entire team. Define the number of leaves every employee is entitled to once, and the system will calculate everything.

Absences plan

Better work planning

Connecting leaves and tasks
means more effective work planning.


Information for everybody

Defining leave plans
means information on the number of days for the employee.


Process automation

Leave application status management
means technological process automation.

Let’s arrange a dedicated presentation of IC Project.

Presentation is the best form to learn the possibilities offered by IC Project. During the free online meeting, we will discuss your needs and present the software operation.

Accept, reject or cancel any application.

Manage every leave application
quickly and effectively.

The employee submits a leave application in the system and the superior immediately accepts, rejects or cancels the application. This is connected with the notification system and on-going information. This means level of automation of the entire process.

HR module
Manage tasks in IC Project
The leaves module let you adjust everything.

Configure every module aspect freely based on your needs.

IC Project is a highly configurable tool – use the flexibility in the leave module. Customise many aspects, define leave types, set authorisations, manage the additional number of leaves on a current basis. However you wish.

You need paper as well? No problem.

Download accepted applications and take control of the paperwork in your business.

Applications for leaves are managed in many companies in a paper form. No worries, we get that. Switch to technology and download every accepted application in PDF and deliver it to the relevant person in your company.

Leaves view


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