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Stay updated thanks to the special notification system

Use the special notification system of IC Project to stay updated with all financial information. Receive notifications and reminders daily, focus on your work and the system will take care of everything else. Your memory included.

Receive notification in key three places

The three-way system will not let you miss any notification

IC Project features a three-way notification system that informs, reminds and helps in your daily work. Thanks to this system, you will receive all notifications in three places – your smartphone (thanks to the mobile app), your e-mail inbox and IC Project system. Information flow at the highest level. That is our assumption.

Stay updated with key information

Receive notifications about the most important issues in the tool

A task has been delegated to a specific employee? Have new information, comments or files appeared during task execution? Have your co-worker created an event you will participate in? Get used to the notifications. IC Project will keep you updated with regard to delegated tasks, new information emerging during implementation, added events or meetings you are to participate in.

Focus on your work. Trust artificial intelligence

IC Project will remind you about everything

Management involves a plethora of important duties. The system will always remind you about approaching events, meetings or deadlines of tasks currently in progress. Trust IC Project. The system will not fail you. It will inform and remind you about everything.

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Send individual reminders whenever you want

You want to send an individual reminder to a specific employee? No problem. We have a perfect solution for this. All you need is pressing one button and your colleague will receive a special notification from which they can proceed straight to the task. It is a perfect solution to keep track of productivity of other people in the enterprise.

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