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Project management reports

Project management reports is an ideal tool to monitor and control many processes in your company. Thanks to the proposed mechanism, you can generate any report containing a lot of key information quickly and easily.

Work with an intuitive and comprehensive reporting system

Use special, template-based reports

Stop generating more work for yourself, forget about complicated files and reports. IC Projects offers multiple ready reports and all of them can be generated in an instant. Get the most important information in a transparent and comprehensible form.

Choose any report you want

Adjust the scope and information you need in your report

All reports let you choose the information you need. Adjust the time interval, report detail level as well as other additional criteria and generate reports in any of the approachable forms selected by you. Just a few clicks, and your report is ready.

Use a plethora of facilities in the reporting system

Download. Send. Save.

Every generated report offers many possibilities to you and your company. All reports can be downloaded to a file – you can select the file format most useful for you. Remember that you can also send this report by e-mail directly from the system to any addressee named by you.

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Use automation in your work.

Schedule the sending and receive ready reports

You have no time to waste on generating reports? Do not worry. Report generation and sending can be planned in IC Project in any way you like. Would you like your boss to receive a special report in their inbox at the end of each month? Schedule it. The tool will generate and send reports selected by you with an adjusted scope of data.

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