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Project Management Wiki

Project Management Wiki enables to gather all most important instructions, procedures or regulations in single place and share them within a company.

Order your files the way you like

Instructions. Procedures. Regulations. All in one place

All most important corporate files in one place? Perfect. Add whatever you want and create a simple access to documents for your employees. All files, attachments and text documents on secure and encrypted servers.

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Attach any files you want

Wiki is something more than just files and attachments. It is also a complete word processor. This way, you can add files in any format, but you can also create completely new text entries. That is a great advantage and convenience. Go on, try it.

Divide your company's knowledge base however you want

Break it down into categories and subcategories. Customise the structure

Are you afraid of getting lost in all those files and documents? Do not worry about that. In our Wiki module, designed for management of corporate knowledge, you can create various folders and even subfolders. This way, everything is divided, and the employees always know where to click to find a specific document they are looking for.

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Use the advanced access right management system

Decide who will have access to the corporate knowledge

Do your employees have different levels of access rights? You can adjust the Wiki access for each employee separately. If you want to, you can grant access only to the preview of catalogues and files, without editing options. You can also grant the option of full knowledge management or switch off the visibility of the entire module. You choose, the tool adjusts itself.

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