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Create your own corporate knowledge base

and get entire documentation of the company under control.

Do you know what the Wiki is? It is a special module in IC Project that allows to create your own base of files and documents. Create any folders, attach files and that’s all.

Configurable corporate knowledge base.

Build your own corporate knowledge base for the entire team.

All standard documents under control, how about that? Use the dedicated place in IC Project to build a full base of files in your company. It is a shared space for the entire team, with a lot of important information.

Documentation in Wiki module
Maximum Wiki flexibility.

Create your base using own
categories and folders.

Every company is different, and so are business processes. You create the Wiki as you wish. All you need to do is create folders and categories and then attach files. Everything with effective navigation.

All types of files and a plethora of options.

Attach files by any means
and in any possible format.

Management of files and documents in IC Project offers many possibilities. There are no limits as to the file format, and you have a lot of options in terms of adding of files to the folder. Local drive, external integration, or maybe a screen?

Schedule Agenda view

Minimum redundant questions

Wiki corporate knowledge base
guarantees minimisation of redundant questions.


Access to files

Wiki is a guarantee of on-going
access to all files.


Excellent navigation for employees

Building your own base of folders,
you create excellent navigation for the employees.

Let’s arrange a dedicated presentation of IC Project.

Presentation is the best form to learn the possibilities offered by IC Project. During the free online meeting, we will discuss your needs and present the software operation.

Place for standard documents.

Contracts, briefs, procedures...
Wiki is your place.

If you’re wondering how you could use Wiki in your company, you need to know you have a lot of options. In most cases, it is an excellent solution for standard, frequently used documents.

Wiki category
Project view with people
Hierarchy in the company, hierarchy in the Wiki.

Manage access to
every folder in the Wiki.

Hierarchy in the company is a natural aspect, we take it into consideration also in the Wiki module. Manage any folder and decide who will have access to the files. Complete freedom.

Wiki means not only files...

Or maybe you want to use the text editor in every folder?

Wiki is more than only files and documents in the form of attachments. Place your bet on a text editor available in every folder. Build and visualise procedures or other important information. So, have you already got any idea for how to use the Wiki in your company?

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IC Project i a tool designed with great attention to intuitiveness for the user. Check this friendly and intuitive environment on a daily basis.


Support is the middle name of IC Project. Get yourself on-going assistance in many ways. From the first contact to any possible question during your work.


ICP is a program built on cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for a tool matching the latest trends, you have come to the right place.