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Cooperate with customers or subcontractors

on developed projects on other terms.

Leave e-mail and telephone behind – cooperate with your customers or subcontractors in an organisational environment. Use dedicated options.

Gain control over contractors.

Build a contractor base in a special CRM module.

Use the special CRM model to build a base of all contractors. A customer? A subcontractor? Your choice. You will gain key information on contractors, along with important project history.

Cooperation CRM tasks
Contractor in CRM
Let third parties into your environment.

Add contact persons of your contractors and cooperate with them.

Place you bet on the dedicated options offered by IC Project. Add contact persons of your contractors and let them into your project environment. This technological approach improves effectiveness of your successful cooperation.

Cooperate in IC Project.

Work with your customers or subcontractors on the projects.

If your customers or subcontractors participate in the projects, you won’t find a better solution. Add the contact person to a part of the project and work together. Task delegation, communication, file exchange?

Manage tasks in IC Project

Minimum communication gaps

Technological cooperation
means minimum communication gaps.


All information in one place

The information flow in ICP
is a new approach to cooperation.


Positive work method changes

88% of our customers rates
the change of cooperation method to ICP positively.

Let’s arrange a dedicated presentation of IC Project.

Presentation is the best form to learn the possibilities offered by IC Project. During the free online meeting, we will discuss your needs and present the software operation.

Use the rich authorisation system.

Set the authorisation level, and the user will see what he/she is supposed to see.

Letting a third party into your environment must be connected with full security, and security is our priority. Set the chosen authorisation level for third parties and that’s all.

Manage contractors
Project view with people
A small section? Why not?

Work on even the smallest bit of the entire project.

Using the functionalities of IC Project, you can prepare only a small part of the project for the third party, e.g. a task board. Thanks to that, the third party will see only a small section of the entire project and that will be his or her job.

Leave e-mail and telephone behind.

Build entire communication on tasks and projects.

Tons of telephone calls and e-mails to make arrangements is something you know too well? Leave this work system behind and place your bet on full communication in the IC Project environment. Remember that here every arrangement leaves a trace.

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IC Project i a tool designed with great attention to intuitiveness for the user. Check this friendly and intuitive environment on a daily basis.


Support is the middle name of IC Project. Get yourself on-going assistance in many ways. From the first contact to any possible question during your work.


ICP is a program built on cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for a tool matching the latest trends, you have come to the right place.