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Do you cooperate with your customers? Do it by means of IC Project. Use special functionalities offered by the tool and transfer the entire cooperation with customers to us. Adjust the access rights of your customers and cooperate with them in ICP.

Rise to the higher cooperation level

Grant access to your customer and cooperate in ICP

Do you know that IC Project lets you work together with your customers? Add the contact person to the tool, give them logging credentials and cooperate with them in ICP. It is a perfect solution to cooperate with customers effectively in a single tool.

Have no fear. It is you who decides what the customer sees.

Adjust the access rights of your customer. Show only what you want them to see

Set the access rights of your customer and grant them access exactly to those project elements you want them to see. You do not have to worry the customer will see undesired things. The customer will only see the selected project, task group or specific tasks. It is up to you.

Check the new communication options

Work on the tasks and hold discussions with your customers

Work in IC Project together with your customers, both on tasks and projects. Do you need customer’s acceptance for some of your tasks? Or maybe you want to communicate with the customer in relation to the performed work? Easy-peasy. Use task management and the in-built messenger to cooperate with your customer effectively in IC Project.

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