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Be even more special than you are.

Choose Premium Customer Status in ICP.

To us, you are always special. But now you can go to the very top of this pyramid and choose Premium Customer status, which provides you, your entire team and your company with unlimited opportunities to work with ICP.

Be Premium and make the most of the ICP.

Premium status is a total new approach in the technology world to offer the best possible support and additional services on many levels. Be Premium and give your company the maximum opportunity to work effectively in an ICP environment.

Guarantee yourself the best possible Premium Support.

Premium status means first and foremost the best possible support from a dedicated consultant, as well as continuous care from the implementation team for your work in ICP. We take care of the correctness of your processes…. We verify, check and are always there for you.

What is Premium Status in ICP?


Positive user feedback

on Premium support


Faster response times

for all technical enquiries


Eliminated errors

in process design


Faster and more effective entry

of the entire team to the tool

Premium Support by a dedicated consultant without limitation.

This is a new dimension of support that guarantees continuous care for your team from the system developer. Your company gets direct contact to a dedicated consultant and there is no limit to the support. Ask or talk at any time.


Implementation support at every stage of your team.

Implementation with premium support does not end when it is done. It is only the beginning of our work, which consists of verifying the processes in your account, eliminating errors and all the corrections so that the organisation of work in your company is constantly at the highest level.

Exclusive certification of an innovative company working in IC Project.

When you choose Premium status, we are 100% confident of fully utilising the programme’s capabilities in your company. This is why you receive from us the unique certification of an innovative company that organises its work in a technological form every day.


Exclusive influence on the direction of the entire ICP programme.

User feedback is of great value to us, and Premium customer feedback is real gold. That’s why we offer Premium exclusive access to a conversation with our Head of Product, who will talk you through directions, analyse your ideas and identify priorities.

So Status Premium is...

If you want your team to be looked after in the best possible way and your work to be as effective as possible, Premium status is for you. The IC Project team will take care of each and every one of your employees, and the implementation support will continue during your daily work. As part of Premium, we will provide you with a special certificate and you will also be given the opportunity to contact the Head of Product at IC Project to discuss potential changes, developments or your own ideas.

And how? Does it sound good?


Status Premium

Ensure you have everything you need to take full advantage of IC Project in your business.

Be Premium, simply.


Price: 499 EURO

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