Corporate files and documents in one place

Control the file and
document flow in your enterprise

Are you looking for a solution for effective file and document flow in your enterprise? Efficient organisation of documentation is key to boosting the productivity of your entire team. Rely on IC Project and use special solutions improving work organisation and corporate document circulation.

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Learn about additional organisational possibilities

Manage key cost files in special folders

Cost files are documents essential for the operation of every enterprise. In IC Project, you can add all incurred costs and attach cost documents. Every file will automatically appear in a special project catalogue. Are you looking for an invoice or a bill? With IC Project, you will know where to look.

See functionality: Finances

Take advantage of the comprehensive nature of the tool Work along with your team

Work with your files and documents on tasks together with your team

Dozens of sent files are part and parcel of effective project and task management. We have a perfect solution for this. IC Project allows you to attach files to any task or project. Your team will always be able to find them and use in their work. If you want to, you can always us our integrations with external hard drives.

See functionality: Zarządzanie zadaniami

Bring your organisation to a higher level

You will always know where to look for your documents

Efficient organisation of corporate documentation is the key to success. In IC Project, you always know where to look for your documents. Flawless combination of many modules, access to special catalogues or the possibility to manage the entire knowledge base of your enterprise will let you achieve a great advantage over your competition.

See functionality: Project management

Get to know the capabilities of the Wiki module

Gain access to the knowledge base of your company with break down into catalogues

How can you efficiently manage the knowledge base of the entire organisation? We have a dedicated solution for this. A special Wiki module where you can add various catalogues and folders to gather all key documents. If you want to, you can always use the word processor available in Wiki – the storage for the entire corporate knowledge.

See functionality: Wiki

Try out our mobile application

Working in the field? Add files or photos straight from the mobile application

Do you have employees who usually work in the field? Use the options offered by the functional IC Project mobile application. You can use your smartphone to add files directly and even take photos and upload them straight to a specific task or project.

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